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‘The Tailor’ Season 2 Ending, Explained: Why did Kiraz leave Mustafa?

'The Tailor' Season 2 Ending, Explained Why did Kiraz leave Mustafa

‘The Tailor’ Season 2 Ending – Cem Karci’s beloved “The Tailor” promises viewers an exciting journey of ups and downs as Esvet, Dimitri, and Peyami seek to recover from devastating events that have upended their lives. Discover if all three will succeed or whether fate has other plans. As viewers follow along, they will witness fascinating twists and turns unfolding before them, experiencing first-hand the captivating characters’ journey of discovery.

Synopsis of “The Tailor”

After recovering from gunshot wounds, Peyami decides to bring Cemre, an unconventional woman he met during one night out, as his date to the wedding of Esvet and Dimitri, friends he has recently made the acquaintance of.

Tragedy strikes shortly afterwards when Mustafa drowns during a disagreement between Esvet and Peyami in the pool. Dimitri comes to Mustafa’s rescue at this momentous moment, discovering an unexpected bond with Peyami through this rescue operation.

Peyami continues to have issues with drinking and other matters, prompting Ari to suggest replacing him and encouraging Dimitri to act if they hope to prevent that outcome. Unbeknownst to anyone, Dimitri announces his desire to start a family.

Dimitri finally admits to Ari that he knows Esvet’s parents’ relationship. Kumru, their new office cleaner, steps up when Peyami struggles on her first day at work and helps.

Peyami’s visit to Osman to inquire about his mother is the final straw, prompting Dimitri to notice an intoxicated Esvet kissing Peyami as a sign of change in their company’s future.

Kumru unearths an antique craft, prompting Peyami to reflect upon her time with her grandfather. Soon after that, Esvet finally meets Kumru after tracking her down all these years.

Peyami manages to put aside his disagreements with Dimitri and return to work, setting an 8-day deadline to finish her new collection.

After a heated argument, Dimitri and Peyami reconcile when Dimitri meets his mother, and Peyami learns more about her past. Season two of The Tailor concludes as Mustafa and Kiraz celebrate Mustafa’s birthday together – marking Peyami’s departure, the launch of Mustafa and Kiraz’s collection, and the start of Kiraz’s collection journey.

The Tailor' Season 2 Recap

‘The Tailor’ Season 2 Recap

Season 2 of “The Tailor” kicks off dramatically when Dimitri accidentally shoots Peyami during an intense confrontation over Esvet’s discovery of their hidden home. Later, she and Cemre meet at a pub, both seeking solace from their troubles, and Peyami invites Cemre to Esvet and Dimitri’s wedding, sparking an emotional rollercoaster for both. In particular, Cemre finds comfort in helping Peyami cope with her loss, showing her sympathy and feeling empathy.

Dimitri and Peyami are reconnecting as blood brothers during their wedding celebration. Esvet becomes angry when Peyami does not express his affection publicly in front of Dimitri. Still, flashbacks showing his sacrifice in protecting Dimitri from Esvet’s bullet eventually lead her to forgive Peyami for failing to reveal his affection directly for her. Sharing concerns regarding Mustafa’s illness with Esvet brings them closer.

As Esvet struggles to accept Dimitri as her husband and worries for Mustafa’s wellbeing, Cemre’s friendship with Peyami deepens. However, Peyami’s alcoholism begins affecting his work, causing Ari to withdraw support for his business venture and altering Mustafa’s behaviour following Sulun’s passing.

Surprisingly, Kumru, the servant applying for work at Peyami’s shop, turns out to be her mother, Kiraz, causing unrest among family members and further straining Esvet’s relationship with Peyami. Additionally, Dimitri witnesses Esvet kissing Peyami at a restaurant, further complicating matters.

Dimitri manages to take control, only for Ari to regain authority after Peyami refuses to sell her shares and forces Dimitri out. Peyami hits rock bottom and must find ways to revive himself.

As season 2 of ‘The Tailor’ unfolds, viewers are in for an emotionally engaging and suspenseful ride, witnessing characters’ victories and trials, their relationships developing further, and how fate may surprise each character in facing challenges head-on. This compelling drama keeps audiences riveted until its finale!

What caused Kiraz to leave Mustafa?

The Dokumaci family yearned to start a family, so they brought Kiraz into their lives in hopes that she would help them conceive with Mustafa and give birth. Unfortunately, Kiraz faced difficulties and was ultimately unsuccessful at giving birth. Sulun soon realized this fact and decided that Kiraz couldn’t provide them with children, making it difficult to leave them.

Kiraz was deeply in love with Mustafa, yet Sulun saw no value beyond her being an intended mother for Kiraz, leading her to leave. Only later did she discover that she was pregnant after leaving. Peyami would eventually arrive after Kiraz left.

As soon as Kiraz became pregnant, her family took immediate action and forcibly removed the child from her care. Though Kiraz never intended to abandon Mustafa and their child entirely, circumstances forced her to do so.

Following Sulun’s death, Kiraz manages to reconnect with her son under an assumed name. However, after an awkward meeting with Mustafa, she realizes she is not yet ready to confront them directly.

Kiraz eventually decides to share the truth with Peyami, who listens and recognizes her statements as truthful. Peyami is instrumental in reconciling Mustafa and Kiraz, acting as their mediator to get them back together again in Netflix’s The Tailor Season 2.

As The Tailor Season 2 draws to a close, audiences will witness Mustafa and Kiraz reunite after an emotional reunion that could pave the way for further developments and potential resolutions in their lives. This show promises an impactful and heartwarming conclusion to this thrilling family drama.

The Tailor Season 2 ending explained

‘The Tailor’ Season 2 Ending, Explained

At the climactic season two finale of The Tailor, Peyami finally emerges from her despair to take courageous steps to retake control of her life. Kiraz becomes her inspiration as they discover fabric once owned by Peyami’s deceased grandfather, which Kiraz urges Peyami to use in her tailoring business.

Osman intervenes and arranges an unexpected meeting between Peyami and Kiraz in hopes that they may resolve their differences and save both lives from further danger.

At their first encounter, Peyami reacts angrily towards Kiraz for leaving and trying to return to her life; however, Osman manages to convince Peyami to hear Kiraz’s side of the story.

Kiraz courageously overcomes her past fears to confess her love for Mustafa and admit her longstanding attachment. She shares that she was sold to Peyami’s family when young and became his caretaker until being forced into marrying him. Although Sulun desired Kiraz to have children with Mustafa, they cast her out when it didn’t work out; eventually, Kiraz found out about her pregnancy.

After Sulun’s passing, Kiraz becomes determined to restore relationships with her husband and children, yet is wary about revealing who she truly is for fear it could further traumatize them. But encountering Peyami brings much-needed closure as she finally uncovers the truth about their parentage, confronting feelings of abandonment head-on and giving Peyami closure about himself and his past.

The season two finale of The Tailor will undoubtedly be an emotional roller coaster, filled with shocking revelations and potential resolutions of characters’ complex relationships. Audiences will eagerly anticipate seeing how these developments shape the Dokumaci family’s future in future seasons.

What caused Kiraz to leave Mustafa

How Did Peyami Revive His Career?

Dimitri’s past struggles hinder his desire to change his ways and become a better person in Season 2 of The Tailor. Yet, his feelings for Esvet were damaged by her actions, leading him into an extramarital affair with Suzi. Cemre becomes an influential presence for Peyami, encouraging her to leave behind the past and begin life anew, even when an unfortunate drunken incident between Dimitri and Esvet leads to an accident with catastrophic results involving Peyami – with Cemre providing unwavering support throughout.

After discovering a fabric scrap hidden by his grandfather, Peyami finds renewed inspiration to pursue his craft. Kiraz understands her son’s journey and assists and provides emotional support for him during preparations for a fashion show within a minimal timeline – his date being significant as it occurs on his father’s birthday – so it becomes an opportunity for Peyami to honour him by showing off his creations at this special event.

At the end of Season 2, following the runway show, Peyami unexpectedly takes to the stage to introduce his father and Kiraz as public figures to show their public reunion, providing further proof that Peyami won’t succumb to Ari’s attempts at persuasion.

Season 2 of The Tailor promises to deliver thrilling, emotional moments, character development, and unexpected turns enthralling viewers for future seasons. As our journey with the Dokumaci family unfolds, further twists and stories await them.

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