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Brad McGarry Murder: Where is Killer David Kinney Now?


Brad McGarry Murder – Welcome to a riveting exploration of the shocking and alarming case of Brad McGarry’s murder. This heart-wrenching story was featured on the television show ‘Dateline,’ specifically in Season 27, Episode 48, titled ‘Dangerous Secret,’ which aired on the NBC network. The peaceful town of Bellaire, Ohio, was shattered when Brad McGarry was brutally killed, and the following investigation unearthed a series of shocking revelations. In this article, we will delve into the tragic tale of Brad McGarry’s murder, the exhaustive investigation that led to the arrest of David Kinney, and where this convicted killer is now.

How Did Brad McGarry Die

Brad McGarry Murder Story: Ohio Man Was Killed by His Gay Lover

Brad McGarry was a resident of Bellaire, Ohio, whose life took a tragic turn in May 2017. His close friend, David Kinney, his wife Cheri, and their young daughter arrived at Brad’s residence to deliver a seemingly innocent gift—a weed trimmer. Little did they know that this visit would plunge them into a nightmare. When they discovered Brad’s front door slightly ajar, they entered his home, only to stumble upon the lifeless body of their best friend in the basement. The horrifying scene was enough to make Cheri panic as she dialed 911, exclaiming, “There’s blood everywhere. Oh my God, I’m going to throw up. My friend is dead!

Despite the initial impression of a potential burglary gone wrong due to the ransacked state of the house, investigators soon realized that the crime scene had been meticulously staged. Brad McGarry, known for his openly gay identity, had faced significant challenges and discrimination in his life. Yet, he maintained a close-knit circle of friends who cherished him for who he was. His journey from being a hairdresser to a coal miner spoke volumes about his determination to break stereotypes and live authentically.

Who Killed Brad McGarry

Investigation and Arrest in Brad McGarry Murder

The investigation into Brad McGarry’s murder initially appeared to hit a dead end. However, a startling revelation from Brad’s cousin, Schuyler Strawser, breathed new life into the case. Just hours before his tragic demise, Brad confided in Schuyler about a person he cryptically referred to as “DJ.” It was insinuated that they were romantically involved, and the shocker came when Schuyler unveiled that “DJ” was none other than Brad’s closest confidant, David Kinney.

Armed with this crucial information, investigators brought David Kinney in for questioning and obtained permission to search his cell phone. The phone’s data confirmed the romantic nature of his relationship with Brad, a relationship he had been hiding from his wife. Initially, David claimed he had gone to a Chinese restaurant for lunch with his wife on the day of the murder, followed by a solo trip to inspect trailers, returning home by 3 p.m. However, his cellphone data contradicted this alibi, placing him at Brad’s house at the time of the murder.

When confronted with the damning evidence, David provided a series of ever-changing stories about the murder. He initially alleged the presence of an unidentified third individual who shot Brad during an argument but allowed him to leave after threatening him to remain silent. When this story didn’t hold up, he claimed he had killed Brad in self-defense, asserting that Brad had produced a gun during an attempt to end their romantic relationship. However, the autopsy results contradicted this account, as Brad had been shot twice in the back of the head, making self-defense highly improbable.

Trial and Prosecution

David Kinney’s murder trial commenced in late January 2018 and spanned eight days. During the trial, the prosecution argued that Brad McGarry had grown increasingly frustrated with their relationship’s secrecy. Allegedly, Brad had started threatening to reveal the true nature of their romantic involvement to David’s wife, Cheri. This frustration and the potential exposure of their relationship formed the basis for the prosecution’s argument, suggesting that it gave David a motive to kill his best friend and lover.

In February 2018, the jury delivered its verdict, finding David Kinney guilty of aggravated murder with a firearm specification. As a result of this conviction, he received a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole and an additional three-year sentence. Although David appealed his sentencing, the 7th Appellate District Court upheld the verdict in July 2019 and reaffirmed it in 2021.

Where is Killer David Kinney Now

Where is Killer David Kinney Now?

As of the latest available information, David Kinney, the man convicted of the murder of Brad McGarry, remains incarcerated in Ohio. He is serving his life sentence without the possibility of parole at the Correctional Reception Center in Ohio. Despite his repeated changes in his account of the events leading to Brad’s death, the evidence presented during the trial and the jury’s decision have sealed his fate.

The case of Brad McGarry’s murder stands as a tragic reminder of the consequences of hiding one’s true self and the profound impact it can have on those involved. It is also a testament to law enforcement’s relentless efforts to pursue justice for the victims of heinous crimes.

In conclusion, the story of Brad McGarry’s murder and the subsequent arrest and conviction of David Kinney is a chilling tale of secrets, betrayal, and the devastating consequences that can arise from a double life. It is a stark reminder that pursuing authenticity and honesty is always the better path and that justice will eventually catch up with those who attempt to conceal the truth.

This article sheds light on the tragedy of Brad McGarry’s murder and the following legal proceedings. We hope that through understanding this case, we can collectively work towards a more inclusive and accepting society where individuals can be true to themselves without fear.

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