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Aynis Vargas’ Murder – Where is Branden “Blaze” Castro Now?


Aynis Vargas’ Murder – Investigation Discovery stands out regarding true crime stories with its captivating series. Season 2, Episode 8, entitled “Random Data,” delves into the tragic case of Aynis Vargas, a 12-year-old girl whose life was tragically cut short during a senseless gang war in Providence, Rhode Island, in mid-June 2013.

Aynis Vargas’ story serves as a chilling reminder of the devastating consequences of street violence on innocent lives. This article takes you on an intimate journey into her life and murder, followed by its investigation and finally, Branden ‘Blaze’ Castro’s final fate as one of the perpetrators.

Who was Aynis Vargas

Who was Aynis Vargas?

Aynis Vargas wasn’t just another face in the headlines; she was an individual with hopes and aspirations whose heart was full of honesty. By age 12, Aynis had already shown a remarkable commitment to speaking the truth – something her friends found endearing. A simple yet loving child with dreams of becoming a pharmacist, chef or historian;

Aynis Vargas attended Garden City Elementary School in Cranston, Rhode Island, where she completed sixth grade. Teomel Vargas recalls Aynis’ aspirations to grow with her family and find happiness, her neat bedroom, and delight in tasting his “secret recipe” pancakes as fondly.

Though she was generally reserved, Aynis had an energetic and playful side, which she would often show off through homemade videos with her younger brother. She enjoyed spending time at salon visits with her mother to admire and maintain her natural curly locks, ultimately revealing an exciting young lady full of promise, love, and potential.

Aynis Vargas' Murder Story

Aynis Vargas’ Murder Story

On June 15th 2013, Providence, Rhode Island, held a high school graduation party that should have been a night of joyous celebration. But instead, tragedy struck instantaneously, leaving lasting wounds.

A gunman, his identity unknown, suddenly opened fire at an apartment complex where the gathering was taking place, inadvertently killing Aynis Vargas – an innocent 12-year-old girl full of dreams and innocence – an unintended victim in this senseless act of violence that played out. She wasn’t just another statistic; Aynis was an amazing young soul with great things ahead.

As we look back on the tragic events of that night, let’s remember Aynis not as a victim but as a reminder of the devastating impacts of violence in our society. Her family and friends can offer poignant testimony evoking her vibrant spirit, which was taken too soon from us all.

Teomel Vargas recalls the dreams and aspirations that filled his daughter Aynis’ heart, remembering her as an honest “simple” child valuing honesty over anything else. Aynis expressed in her school memory book her wish to grow up with her family and find happiness, hopes that any parent holds close in their hearts before being broken by tragedy.

Her father describes Aynis as an orderly child who took pleasure in sharing in the “secret recipe” pancakes he prepared. But Aynis wasn’t all shyness; she also had an exuberant side that often manifested itself when creating homemade videos with her younger brother or adopting British accents in playful moments.

Yet Aynis had her own special passion: loving her naturally curly locks and spending time with her mother at salon appointments. Aynis’ story is a testament to the innocence and dreams all children hold close to their hearts.

Aynis’ dreams were dashed when a gunman raided her apartment complex on that night and left a gaping hole that could never be filled again. Her family, friends, and coworkers will forever bear this tragedy in their hearts; yet, their voices serve as reminders that her memory continues onwards.

Teomel Vargas, Aynis’ father, expressed his satisfaction with Aynis’ sentence as being just and fair to bring closure and justice following such an immense loss.

It is an unmistakable reminder of Aynis Vargas’ story and should never be forgotten. His narrative forces us to reflect on life itself, the necessity of justice being done and the resilience of the human spirit even during unimaginable tragedy.

Investigation and Arrest
Branden “Blaze” Castro

Investigation and Arrest

After the horrific events unfolded in Providence, Rhode Island, law enforcement took swift and decisive action to investigate Aynis Vargas’ murder. Detectives and officers from the Providence Police Department engaged in an intensive probe to uncover all aspects of Aynis Vargas’ slaying to bring those responsible before justice.

As the investigation continued, their commitment and resolve became ever clearer. Their dedication was only equaled by their determination to seek justice for Aynis and her devastated family; finding out the truth became their single mission.

Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements Jr. expressed the depth of their dedication, stating, “We are profoundly sorry for their loss, and we hope the arrests will bring some comfort.” These words, a reflection of the compassion and understanding within the law enforcement community, echoed the sentiments of a society in mourning.

In the words of Mayor Angel Taveras, who praised the detectives and Special Assistant Attorney General James Baum for their relentless efforts, “The senseless death of Aynis Vargas touched the soul of our city.” It’s a testament to the impact this tragic event had not just on Aynis’ family but on an entire community.

As the investigation continued, it became apparent that the shootings were acts of revenge by H-Block of the Harriet Street gang. H-Block wanted revenge against Hartford Soldiers because of an incident where Ricardo Vasquez’s van window had been broken; seemingly harmless vandalism had escalated into horrific violence.

James Baum, an assistant attorney general in Pennsylvania, provided key insight into the sequence of events. According to him, Ricardo Vasquez, Branden “Blaze” Castro, Luis “Didi” Gonzalez, and Angel “Yung Cyph” Valerio were members of the Harriet Street Gang and had assembled at the Harriet and Sayles Street intersection in the South Side of the City of Pittsburgh.

Ricardo loaded his van with his gang members and drove across town to Hartford Park near Olneyville – the site of tragic events. At 11:50 p.m., Ricardo parked across from Hartford Avenue while Branden approached a gathering outside one of the project apartments with his handgun drawn.

James Baum’s account of these events is haunting: “He raised his .22 caliber handgun and shot repeatedly“. These words provide a vivid and harrowing depiction of that night that altered Aynis Vargas and all her survivors for all time.

Vilma Tineo, Elaine Devargas and Eugelyn Cabera-Martinez showed great courage by speaking out against those responsible for Aynis’s murder in court proceedings. Their words helped promote justice.

Where Is Branden Blaze Castro Now
Luis Gonzales, left, and Angel Valerio, alleged members of the Harriet Street gang, are being held without bail.

Where Is Branden “Blaze” Castro Now?

As Aynis Vargas’ case entered court trial, its wheels continued turning with justice being done for her wrongful death. One individual responsible – Branden “Blaze” Castro – faced the consequences of their actions.

At the court trial, proceedings revealed the shocking details of that night and their impact on Aynis Vargas and her fellow survivors. Superior Court Judge Robert D. Krause presided over a 30-minute proceeding designed to decide Branden Castro’s fate; with its solemn atmosphere filled with anticipation and solemnity, it provided the perfect setting for justice to be served.

Branden ‘Blaze’ Castro had only recently turned 22 when he appeared calm before facing charges brought against him for firing the fatal shot that killed Aynis Vargas and wounded three other women whom he did not know.

Branden Castro’s actions at trial spoke louder than his words – or lack thereof. He declined to address the court or apologize to Aynis’ family or survivors, his silence echoing around the courtroom a stark reminder of the heart-rending effect his actions had on those affected by Aynis’ tragic death.

The judge, Superior Court Judge Robert D. Krause, played a pivotal role in the proceedings. He questioned Branden Castro directly, seeking confirmation of the facts presented. Krause asked, “Do you agree with what he told you?” to which Branden responded, “Yes.” It was a moment that confirmed his guilt and set the stage for the sentencing.

Branden ‘Blaze’ Castro entered guilty pleas to multiple charges, such as murder and conspiracy to murder, multiple assault with dangerous weapons charges and discharging firearms during crimes of violence. His sentencing proved an impactful moment of justice.

He was given two life sentences in prison, signifying that he would spend the remainder of his life behind bars. Furthermore, an extra 50-year term was added to this punishment as a clear message that actions have consequences, mainly when they result in innocent lives being lost tragically.

The court case was marked not only by Judge Lewinsky’s statements but also by the silence of those affected, sending out a powerful message that justice had prevailed and accountability had been established. The courtroom became a place where human resilience and truth transcended tragedy on that tragic night.

Teomel Vargas, Aynis’s father, expressed gratitude that Branden Castro and others involved would soon be removed from society – something which resonated with his need for justice and his belief in its healing properties.

Aynis Vargas’ story is a powerful reminder of the value of seeking justice despite unspeakable tragedy. It highlights law enforcement officers’ dedication, the court system’s role, and how a community united by grief responds with grace and dignity.

Aynis Vargas lives on not as the victim of violence but as an emblem for creating a safer, more compassionate society. Her family and community continue to heal while those responsible for her murder face the consequences; hers is an inspiring story of resilience, justice and the strength of the human spirit.

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