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Is Bitter Pill From ‘Killing Eve’ Season 3 a Real Online Publication?


“Killing Eve” season 3 immerses itself more deeply with moral ambiguity, making it hard to tell who are the good guys and who are bad ones. Even though Eve and Villanelle don’t live nearby each other, their goals for this season remain aligned: uncovering The Twelve’s identities.

While Eve takes an inquisitive approach while Villanelle adopts more aggressive means by seeking promotion within her company to become Keeper – though Eve ultimately leaves MI6 and forms an alliance with Bitter Pill, an online journal where Kenny serves as open-source investigator – although Villanelle pursues promotion inside their company in order to become Keeper.

The publication plays an integral part of Eve and Carolyn’s research process. Additionally, readers could become intrigued with its claims and question its credibility.

Is Bitter Pill Real Publication

Is Bitter Pill Real Publication?

As “Killing Eve” is fiction, its storytelling devices must reflect this. An example would be Bitter Pill, the private journalism agency which conducts investigative work across many topics. On its surface level, Bitter Pill serves to enhance Kenny Marten’s plotline; since his introduction on screen he has become known for his extraordinary hacking and investigative abilities which MI6 utilizes against their enemies.

However, during an especially brutal procedure in Rome, Kenny decides to abandon the service and seek his own path away from his mother’s shadow. After discovering Bitter Pill – an online journal with harsh realities–that present harsh realities as bitter pills–Kenny discovers this company by comparison to actual investigative journalism websites like Reveal, Open Secrets and ProPublica which cover sociopolitical news coverage respectively.

Bitter Pill takes investigative journalism beyond standard limits by breaking the law in order to unearth truth as part of its larger spy plot. Eve and Kenny, former MI6 agents themselves, become drawn to Bitter Pill and its creator Jamie for this reason; consequently they appear as an alternative to Carolyn’s British Intelligence Agencies which allows Eve the means to carry out her investigation unimpeded by bureaucratic constraints.

Set Design Crew on The Affair meticulously recreated Bitter Pill’s carefree atmosphere, adding subtle details into its office that all contribute to one large scene. Sports components were realistically created – such as leaving an extra pair of shoes behind in an editor’s office to an evidence board with information pertinent to an inquiry – fitting seamlessly into its criminal storyline while remaining an abstract work of fiction due to lack of concrete counterparts for Bitter Pill itself in real life.

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