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Self Reliance (2023) Film Review


In the realm of death games, where characters grapple for survival in a reality-show-like spectacle, the genre has seen its fair share of intriguing tales. From the mind-bending twists of David Fincher’s “The Game” to the blood-soaked battlegrounds of “Battle Royale” and the pulse-pounding suspense of “Saw,” it’s a narrative landscape rich with tension and excitement. “Guns Akimbo,” “Squid Game,” “The Purge,” “The Belko Experiment,” “The Tournament,” and “The Cabin in the Woods” have all added their unique flavor to this adrenaline-fueled genre. Then there are those stories that take an unexpected turn, like protagonists hiring assassins to end their own lives but having a change of heart, as seen in “Afsos,” “Bulworth,” “I Hired a Contract Killer,” and others.

Now enters “Self Reliance,” Jake Johnson’s directorial debut, unfolding the tale of Tommy Walcott, a Los Angeles resident forced to leave home when he becomes unemployed. Tommy, portrayed with depth by Johnson himself, navigates a peculiar proposition from actor Andy Samberg, thrusting him into a mystery game where survival comes at a steep price. The challenge? Stay alive for 30 days amidst the looming threat of assassination, with only friends, family, or strangers offering a lifeline. As Tommy dives into this perilous game, the film explores themes of loneliness, family dynamics, societal expectations, and the elusive pursuit of unconditional love.

“Self Reliance” delves into the modern challenges of isolation, emphasizing Tommy’s ‘likable guy’ persona despite his antisocial tendencies. Living with his mother sheds light on the financial constraints that hinder many from independent living in the 21st century, illustrating the complex dynamics of family relationships. The film confronts the notion of expecting unwavering love from family members solely due to shared bloodlines, debunking the idealized notion of familial bonds.

Moreover, the narrative touches upon the ‘nice guy’ trope, where individuals expect their mundane lifestyle to be not only accepted but emulated by their loved ones. Tommy’s latent need for attention drives him to associate with those either naive enough to buy into his likability or hypocritical about their own need for love. It’s a poignant commentary on the misconceptions surrounding social relationships and the consequences of misplaced expectations.

While “Self Reliance” captivates with its Truman Show-esque premise and explores profound themes, it does face some drawbacks. Once the audience grasps the film’s underlying messages, it risks feeling somewhat one-dimensional. The film excels in showcasing bizarre encounters, such as assassins dressed as cowboys or unexpected celebrity appearances, potentially serving as commentary on the insidious nature of reality TV and the weaponization of nostalgia. However, the narrative struggles to deliver a truly original and groundbreaking storyline, occasionally leaving viewers yearning for deeper exploration of Tommy’s character.

Despite these limitations, the film remains a compelling watch primarily due to the performances of its cast. Jake Johnson, shouldering the responsibility of directing and starring in the film, successfully portrays Tommy’s confusion, frustration, and unspoken desperation for attention. The supporting cast, including the likes of Andy Samberg, Anna Kendrick, and Eduardo Franco, inject humor and vitality into the narrative, balancing the film’s darker undertones.

In essence, “Self Reliance” serves as a reflection on our contemporary struggles with isolation and our desperate attempts to grapple with the looming specter of death. Clocking in at a relatively short runtime, it offers a quick yet engaging cinematic experience. If you’re seeking a blend of familiar faces, the comedic charm of Jake Johnson, and a thought-provoking exploration of societal themes, “Self Reliance” merits consideration. It aligns well with other films or shows exploring dark humor and existential themes, making it a worthwhile addition to your watchlist.

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Nyra Miller
Nyra Miller
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