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Is Death Whisperer a True Story?


If you’re wondering whether the chilling Thai horror film “Death Whisperer” is based on true events, you’re not alone. This cult-classic movie, directed by Thaweewat Wanta, has captivated audiences with its eerie tale. Released in theaters on October 26, 2023, and later on Netflix on April 10, 2024, “Death Whisperer” features a talented cast including Nadech Kugimiya as Yak, Kajbhunditt Jaidee as Yos, Peerakrit Phacharaboonyakiat as Yod, Denise Jelilcha Kapaun as Yad, and Rattanawadee Wongtong as Yam.

The story revolves around a farming family in a remote village in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province. The family, comprising three sons and three daughters, encounters mysterious and terrifying events after witnessing a witch in the nearby woods. As one of the daughters, Yam, falls ill with inexplicable symptoms, the family is drawn into a supernatural nightmare.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the intriguing question: Is “Death Whisperer” truly based on a real-life story, or is it purely fiction crafted for the screen?

Is the Family in Death Whisperer Real

Is the Family in Death Whisperer Real?

The movie “Death Whisperer” tells the unsettling tale of a farming family living in a remote Thai village. The family consists of a father, mother, three sons named Yak, Yos, and Yod, and three daughters named Yad, Yam, and Yee. Their peaceful existence is disrupted when they encounter a witch in the nearby woods, setting off a series of chilling events.

The story takes a supernatural turn when the three sisters—Yad, Yam, and Yee—accidentally see the witch while returning from school. Soon after, Yam falls ill, exhibiting strange and terrifying symptoms. Her demeanor becomes frightening, and her sister Yad starts hearing eerie whispers in the night, repeatedly calling out “Tee Yod, Tee Yod.”

Now, let’s dig deeper into the real-life inspiration behind this eerie narrative. Krittanon, the author of the novel “Tee Yod” on which the movie is based, shares a haunting tale that parallels the events depicted in “Death Whisperer.”

Krittanon’s family experienced a similar ordeal involving his aunt, Yam, who suffered from a mysterious illness after encountering a supernatural entity. According to Krittanon’s account, when Yam was a child, she fell ill after seeing a middle-aged black woman in black attire. This encounter marked the beginning of inexplicable behavior and symptoms.

Yam’s condition alarmed her family. Krittanon’s mother, who was a teenager at the time, witnessed her sister’s unsettling actions, including Yam consuming chicken entrails one night—a behavior that defied explanation.

As Yam’s illness worsened, villagers visited their home, seeking to understand and possibly help. Among the visitors was an elderly woman, whose presence disturbed the family and the local “medicine man” tasked with treating Yam. The medicine man warned the family about the old woman, describing her as a malevolent force that should be kept away from the household, especially where a sick person resided.

The situation escalated when the family began experiencing disturbances. Krittanon’s mother and siblings, particularly his elder brother Yak, claimed to have encountered a mysterious woman resembling the one Yam had seen. Yak, desperate to rid his family of this supernatural presence, attempted to shoot the apparition without success.

The turning point came when a man named Mr. Phut intervened. He led Yak to a bamboo grove, instructing him to cut it down. To their horror, they discovered hidden organs inside the grove, although whether they belonged to animals or humans remained unclear.

Mr. Phut insisted that Yam needed urgent medical attention and escorted Yak to a nearby hospital. Sadly, despite efforts to save her, Yam succumbed to her illness. Krittanon’s mother reportedly witnessed the haunting apparition of the black-clad woman during Yam’s final moments.

The aftermath of Yam’s death was filled with grim rumors, with some speculating that she had been “eaten by ghouls,” leading to a sparsely attended funeral.

While “Death Whisperer” deviates from Krittanon’s true account in certain aspects—such as the fate of Mr. Phut and the spirit’s vengeance—the film captures the essence of the family’s harrowing experience.

The eerie whispers heard by Yad in the movie echo Krittanon’s mother’s account of hearing “Tee Yod” during restless nights, a haunting reminder of the inexplicable events that befell their family.

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