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Where Was Lifetime’s Movie “Locked in My House” Filmed?


“Locked in My House” is an engaging thriller movie from Lifetime directed by Adrian Langley. In the film, Natalie Brown stars as Caris, who undergoes a harrowing experience at a fertility clinic run by Dr. Marrick (played by Damon Runyan). This traumatic incident propels Caris on a mission for justice, ultimately leading her to take matters into her own hands by trapping Dr. Marrick in her basement. Her goal is to collect evidence against him and build a case to prove his wrongdoing.

Chaplain Media East produced “Locked in My House“, featuring Lora Burke as Renee and Lara Amersey as Julia Hapsburg in its talented cast. Filming took place across Greater Toronto Area in Ontario; several key scenes were shot there. Let’s explore these filming locations that bring this exciting tale to life in one of Canada’s vibrant cities, providing insight into its charms and significance as seen through “Locked in My House.”

What is the plot of “Locked in My House?”

Locked in My House centers around Caris, a woman in her 30s who experiences a terrifying incident at a fertility clinic involving Dr. Marrick. After being hurt during her IVF treatment by him, Caris takes matters into her own hands by finding him on train tracks and locking him away in her basement with the goal of seeking justice and gathering evidence against him.

Caris’ actions set in motion a chain of events which raise difficult moral and ethical quandaries, including her involvement with Renee in an attempt to kill Dr. Marrick. As Caris confronts these consequences of her actions and considers their consequences, including Renee joining in a plot to kill Dr. Marrick, she must make hard choices that test her sense of right and wrong.

“Locked in My House” explores themes of revenge, justice, and personal responsibility in an intriguing thriller that grips viewers from its first moment to its last frame as Caris navigates an ethically challenging situation in pursuit of revenge against her doctor who wronged her.

Locked in My House Filming Locations

‘Locked in My House’ Filming Locations

Locked in My House” was shot predominantly in Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area (GTA), an iconic metropolitan region known for its diverse landscapes and urban backdrops. This sprawling metropolitan region encompasses both Toronto city itself as well as surrounding municipalities that provide filmmakers with plenty of filming locations.

Whitby: Charming Suburban Setting

Whitby, located in Ontario’s Durham Region, was chosen as one of the primary filming locations for “Locked in My House.” Renowned as one of Canada’s best places to live with tranquil neighborhoods and strong senses of community, Whitby serves as an idyllic backdrop for Caris’ home and neighborhood; offering a peaceful yet family-oriented setting against which darker narrative elements could emerge.

Brampton Entrepreneur Centre: Modern Office Space

Brampton Entrepreneur Centre was used as Caris’s office building location in “Locked in My House.” This modern business center showcases Brampton’s commitment to encouraging innovation and supporting local enterprises; providing a professional backdrop to this film.

Toronto: Hub of Film Production

Toronto, often dubbed the “Hollywood of the North,” played an essential part in the production of “Locked in My House.” From its vibrant film industry and diverse neighborhoods to iconic landmarks, Toronto was a versatile canvas for filmmakers looking for authentic locations for “Locked in My House.” Additionally, its rich culture created an authentic visual narrative which gave life and reality to this movie.

Capturing GTA’s Diversity

“Locked in My House” took advantage of GTA locations to craft an engaging visual narrative, juxtaposing serene suburban settings against an intense plot line for maximum impact and viewing pleasure.

Appreciating GTA’s Character

Filming in the Greater Toronto Area allowed production crew and cast members to explore and appreciate each location’s individual charm, from lush landscapes and urban settings, highlighting Toronto’s vibrant culture and community spirit – adding depth and texture to “Locked in My House.”

Filming locations within the Greater Toronto Area provide viewers with an unforgettable experience when watching “Locked in My House”, transporting them into an atmosphere both familiar and captivating. Each setting contributes something unique to its atmosphere – making the GTA an integral component of “Locked in My House’s” visual narrative.

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