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Dateline 5×12 “The Disappearance of Debbie Hawk”: Debbie Hawk Murder


Debbie Hawk Murder – Debbie Hawk has been missing since 2006 from Hanford, California, with no known explanation. Although her body was found approximately 10 years later by the police investigation, no one has been charged for the crime committed against Debbie. Her case is the subject of an episode of NBC’s series Dateline Season 5 Episode 12, ‘The Disappearance of Debbie Hawk,’ which seeks to provide a chronological account by interviewing family members, law enforcement authorities, and perpetrators found responsible as well as individuals involved.

Debbie’s circumstances surrounding her death remain elusive, although the culprit was later arrested and found responsible. Although individuals associated with Debbie may have been present when she went missing, law enforcement will investigate their involvement if any exists.

Debbie’s family and loved ones remain devastated over her passing, seeking justice on her behalf as well as peace for themselves and her loved ones. By shining light on this case through media coverage and further investigation, we can bring justice for Debbie and peace to her loved ones.

Debbie Hawk Murder Story

Debbie Hawk Murder Story: Investigation, Arrest & Prosecution

Deborah “Debbie” Triantis Hawk was born July 3, 1959, in Kings County, California, to Angie and William “Bud” Triantis. She was known to be both outgoing and social, according to her sister Diane Triantis. In the late 1980s, she met Dave Martin Hawk on a blind date arranged by friends; within one year, they married and lived in Lemoore amid his family’s almond orchards.

Dave and Debbie shared three children together: Conrad, Chelsa, and Savannah. Dave’s father created irrevocable trust accounts for them, for which Dave and Debbie served as initial co-trustees. However, upon initiating divorce proceedings, it was discovered that Dave had established additional irrevocable trust accounts for each of his children and withdrew money from those previously established accounts.

Dave admitted taking $500 from each child’s accounts during their custody dispute, claiming it would cover medical costs associated with Chelsa’s appendectomy surgery. Debbie contradicted this account and claimed Healthy Children paid it instead, thus leading the court to order Dave to repay this money and interest, pay Debbie $45,000, divide stocks accordingly, and cover any attorney fees or expenses she incurred as part of this order.

Dave Hawk
Dave Hawk

On June 12 at 7:30 PM, Debbie had a phone conversation with Taryn Maltes and was last seen around 7:50 by Tiffany Jones before disappearing altogether around 7:50. On June 13 at 5:45 PM; Dave discovered a trail of blood leading from Debbie’s bedroom into the garage – as well as Debbie’s Ford Freestar van being missing along with its owner.

Law enforcement officials discovered the abandoned van two days later in Fresno’s southwestern region with its rear license plate replaced and the key still in the ignition. There were bloodstains from Debbie found on the back of the van, suggesting she may have been taken against her will. Due to their contentious divorce and ongoing child custody dispute, detectives focused their investigation on Dave.

where is Debbie Hawk now

Dave was arrested in early 2007 for theft and embezzlement of over $300,000 belonging to his three children. Later in May 2008, he was charged with Debbie’s murder. In December 2009, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for first-degree murder, five counts of tax evasion, embezzlement counts of three, grand theft charges, perjury allegations, grand theft charges, and perjury charges.

In March 2016, Debbie’s remains were discovered by farm workers near Stratford, California. Due to exposure to weather elements, their cause of death could not be established; nonetheless, Dave was found guilty and sentenced accordingly by the court despite not having DNA evidence or physical proof against him.

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