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Hoarders Season 12: Who is Forrest Parker and Where Is He Now?


Forrest Parker – Hoarders” is a reality television series broadcast on A&E Network in the United States. Since 2009, it has become widely popular.

The series follows individuals suffering from compulsive hoarding, a mental disorder marked by an excessive accumulation of objects and the incapacity to discard them. With the assistance of professional organizers, psychologists, and other specialists, these individuals attempt to declutter their homes and conquer their hoarding tendencies.

The second episode of the twelfth season of Hoarders features a man named Forrest, who had a humble upbringing in the projects and developed a love for unique and valuable items. Over time, this interest turned into a hoarding problem, leading to an overwhelming accumulation of items inside and outside his home. Unfortunately, Forrest is now facing financial difficulties and hefty fines due to his hoarding behaviour.

In the episode, Forrest Parker is confronted with the task of cleaning up his home, identifying valuable items to keep, and disposing of the rest. This is a difficult and emotional process, as he must come to terms with the impact that his hoarding has had on his life and those around him.

Given Forrest’s story’s attention, many people may be curious about his progress and current situation. However, it is important to respect his privacy and allow him the time and space he needs to focus on his recovery and rebuilding his life. It takes a lot of courage and determination to overcome hoarding behaviours. We should support Forrest and others struggling with similar challenges in their journey toward a healthier and happier life.

Forrest Parker's Biography

Forrest Parker’s Biography and Where is He Now?

Forrest’s upbringing in the projects instilled in him an appreciation for the finer things in life, which led him to acquire a vast collection of unique and valuable items that eventually overtook his home. As a successful businessman and role model for underprivileged teens, Forrest was driven to succeed, but his hoarding behaviour led to financial difficulties and strained relationships.

With the help of his son, friend Vista, and co-worker Curtis, Forrest embarked on a challenging journey to declutter his home and save his valuable possessions. The Hoarders team of experts, Dr. Robin Zasio and Matt Paxton provided guidance and support throughout the process. Despite his struggles, Forrest remained committed to giving back to the community, serving as the CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and as the CEO and Founder of FAP Consultants and Associates.

After appearing on the show, Forrest’s son AJ started a successful fundraiser after appearing on the show to help his father with his ongoing health issues, including vision loss due to diabetes. The fundraiser was able to raise its $10,000 goal, showing the love and support that Forrest has received from his community.

Today, Forrest is based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with his stepson, Leslie C. Myers, and stepsister, Diane Lambert Parker. We wish him all the best and hope his health continues to improve so that he can continue to positively impact the lives of those around him.

You can stream “Hoarders” episodes on A&E.

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