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1000-Lb Sisters: How Much Weight has Tammy Slaton Lost? [Update]

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Tammy Slaton Weight Lost Update – 1000-Lb Sisters” is a reality television series that debuted on TLC in January 2020. The show follows sisters Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton as they attempt to lose weight to qualify for bariatric surgery; Tammy Slaton, one of its stars, began at over 600 pounds when production began on the series.

Tammy and her sisters face numerous difficulties throughout the show, from health issues and emotional turmoil to everyday struggles related to her size. It also showcases their strong bond and support for each other as they embark on their weight loss journey together.

Tammy’s journey on the show has been filled with ups and downs. She’s had to confront her eating habits and lifestyle decisions, making her progress seem slow or even stop altogether. Nonetheless, Tammy’s story has resonated with many viewers who value her honesty and vulnerability.

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Tammy Slaton Impressive Weight Loss Update

On April 20, 2023, the star of TLC’s reality series “1000-Lb Sisters” took to her Instagram account to post a series of new selfies that showcased her impressive weight loss progress. Though the pictures were posted without any captions, she exuded confidence and joy as she posed for the camera.

Tammy had undergone bariatric surgery in November of last year for those unfamiliar with the show, and her fans were quick to show their admiration for her remarkable weight loss success. One follower commented, “I’m amazed at how much weight you’ve lost!” Another added, “You look absolutely beautiful, Tammy! I’m so proud of all of your hard work and progress!”

One fan wrote, “Wow! I can’t believe my eyes! You look amazing!” Another commented, “Keep up the incredible work!”

Slaton’s journey has been one of emotional ups and downs, as documented on the show. Earlier in season four, she was admitted to a rehab facility when her weight exceeded 700 pounds; later that same month, she underwent a tracheotomy due to an unexpected health crisis.

In a preview video shared by Parade, Slaton expressed her thanks for being approved for weight loss surgery eight months ago – “It’s truly been an awe-inspiring miracle. I’m truly living proof.”

According to The Spiky TV, Slaton has achieved an incredible weight loss of nearly 300 pounds since her bariatric surgery. Her fans’ support and encouragement throughout this journey are truly inspirational. For those wanting to follow along on her journey, “1000-Lb Sisters” can be watched on Discovery+.