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Copycat Killer Recap and Ending, Explained: Who is the Copycat Killer?


Copycat Killer Recap and Ending, Explained – Netflix’s series “Copycat Killer” follows prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi as she investigates the abduction and murder of several young girls in Songyan during the 1990s. Despite his own traumas and setbacks, Kuo remains determined to track down and capture a serial killer who is communicating with police and victims’ families through news station TNB.

This series is based on the novel of the same name by renowned Japanese author Miyabe Miyuki, who also serves as a writer for the show. Directed by Henri Chang and Jung-chi Chang, it features an impressive cast, including Kang Ren Wu as Hsiao-Chi Kuo, Cammy Chiang as Yen-Jhen Lu, Tsung-Hua Tou as Shang-Yong Lin, Ruby Lin as Ya-Cih Yao and Chun-Yao Yao as He-Ping Chen. Each episode lasts one hour-long episode.

Since its premiere on Netflix, “Copycat Killer” has earned critical and viewer praise for its captivating plotline, surprising twists, and thrilling finale. Fans of crime dramas will find plenty to love about this series – providing a complex yet captivating viewing experience.

Copycat Killer episode 10 recap

“The Copycat Killer” Episode 10 Recap

In episode 9, Kuo Hsiao-chi is heartbroken upon learning his friend Hu Yun-huei was the killer’s intended victim instead of his uncle. He vows to seek revenge against He-Ping, whom he holds responsible for multiple deaths. In a parking lot confrontation with He-Ping, who continues taunting and pushing Hsiao-chi further away, Hsiao-chi engages in an intense struggle.

Hsiao-chi shoots He-Ping during the fight but fails to kill him. His subsequent imprisonment only increases He-Ping’s popularity further, as he attempts to manipulate victims’ families again in episode 11. Eventually, Mr. Ma exposes Hsiao-chi’s deceitfulness and questions his knowledge of serial killings in episode 11.

Hsiao-chi seeks Mr. Ma’s counsel and attends He-Ping’s show to confront him secretly. He-Ping poses as an imposter killer to challenge Hsiao-chi, but Hsiao-chi recalls Mr. Ma’s words and successfully uses He-Ping’s cunning to incriminate himself.

Hsiao-chi and his superiors’ plan is successful, and He-Ping is detained and found guilty. Unfortunately, He-Ping is fatally stabbed by an unknown assailant outside the courthouse in front of media personnel and his supporters.

Lu Yan-jhen eventually becomes TNB’s top reporter and begins revolutionizing their news coverage. Hsiao-chi has kept in contact with Yan-jhen throughout this ordeal, becoming a public defender and advocating for the rights of low-income people upon release from prison. Through it all, Hsiao-chi has grown as an individual even if society hasn’t necessarily changed much.

Copycat Killer Ending, Explained

Copycat Killer Ending, Explained

In the Netflix series “Copycat Killer,” the main character Hsiao-Chi is an ambitious and kind prosecutor determined to solve several brutal murders. However, the serial killer responsible for these crimes is shown as cunning and manipulative, using both media attention and law enforcement agencies to create sensation around his crimes.

As the series progresses, Hsiao-Chi begins to piece together the identity of Killer Noh – an assassin known as Killer Noh. Through his investigation, it becomes evident that Jia-Wun was only a pawn in this criminal’s plan; ultimately, He-Ping, a top reporter and writer at TNB, stands as their true culprit.

He-Ping’s actions have tragic consequences for Hsiao-Chi’s longtime sweetheart, Yun-Huei. To expose He-Ping, Hsiao-Chi devises a clever plan to interview him on his news program. During the interview, Hsiao-Chi sets up a fake phone call from Killer Noh which causes He-Ping to become agitated and eventually confess his crimes on national television.

Hsiao-Chi’s persistence and ingenuity ultimately bring He-Ping to justice and into police custody. The series provides an exciting and complex portrayal of a prosecutor’s pursuit of justice and the chilling crimes committed by an evil serial killer.

Did He-Ping Chen Pass Away at the End

Did He-Ping Chen Pass Away at the End?

In the thrilling conclusion of the Netflix series He-Ping Chen was found guilty and given a life sentence by a courtroom jury. As He-Ping exited after leaving, media and some masked individuals were present; unfortunately, He-Ping was fatally stabbed in the stomach by an unknown assailant wearing a hoodie and mask.

He-Ping insisted the journalists film him until his last breath, which came a few minutes later. This incident highlights both the dangers of mob violence and the necessity of maintaining law and order in society.

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