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Tiny Beautiful Things Season 1 Reviews: Is it Worth Watching?


Tiny Beautiful Things Reviews – Tiny Beautiful Things” is a Hulu dramedy that follows the story of Clare (Kathryn Hahn), a struggling writer and mother who takes over the Dear Sugar column. Throughout the show, viewers see how mother-daughter relationships can impact one’s life both in the past and present. The show also delves into complex themes of love, loss, and grief and how helping others can lead to healing oneself. The show does an incredible job of showcasing nuanced human experiences in a relatable and endearing way.

Clare Pierce, portrayed by Kathryn Hahn, is an incredibly compelling character that viewers can relate to. Clare’s struggles with identity, career, and family make her all the more endearing. Kathryn’s performance brings depth and range to the character, making her one of the most compelling protagonists on television. The chemistry between Kathryn and Sarah Pidgeon, who plays Young Clare, is remarkable, and the two actresses share mannerisms and expressions that lend authenticity to their performances.

Merritt Wever, who plays Clare’s mother, Frankie, is another standout performer in the series. Her portrayal of Frankie is quiet, reserved, and understated, contrasting with Clare’s outgoing and chaotic personality. Wever exudes a charming wit and calmness, which is the perfect foil to Clare’s energy and enthusiasm. The chemistry between Pidgeon, Hahn, and Wever is the show’s anchor, and it is a joy to watch them interact.

The writing in Tiny Beautiful Things is sincere and avoids sentimentality and melodrama. The writers, led by Liz Tigelaar, have done a remarkable job conceptualizing and synchronizing all the moving parts of the show. This allows for a seamless viewing experience over the eight 30-minute episodes. The inclusion of Dear Sugar letters from Cheryl Strayed’s book adds a third layer of complexity to the show, which Tigelaar handles deftly.

Tiny Beautiful Things Season 1

One of the few shortcomings of the show is its pacing, with episodes only being half an hour long. While the focus is on Clare’s story and journey, more screen time devoted to her daughter Rae (Tanzyn Crawford) and husband Danny (Quentin Plair) would have been welcome. Rae’s character is developed in a later episode, which elevates her above the “rebellious teen” stereotype, and more sequences like that would have added depth to the character.

Clare’s brother Lucas (Owen Painter) is another compelling character who looms large in the plot but is physically absent for most of the season. While his absence is well-integrated into the story, glimpses of him as an adult before the climax would have been interesting. Clare’s writing career, which resurges with the Dear Sugar column, takes a backseat to the family drama. Exploring its potential professional implications would have been a worthwhile addition to the show.

The show’s ability to boil down complex themes to their most basic, resonant elements is rare. Tiny Beautiful Things uses specificity to comment on universal experiences, and its message of hope that it is never too late to pursue one’s aspirations is inspiring. The show is a gift to anyone struggling to find themselves, and its honesty and authenticity make it one of the best television shows. Spinoffs centred on Clare’s bartender pal Amy (Michaela Watkins), Rae’s TikTok starlet friend Montana (Aneasa Yacoub), or the snarky Gen Z coworker Shan (Elizabeth Hinkler) would be welcome additions to the show.

In conclusion, Tiny Beautiful Things is an incredible show that succeeds in showcasing nuanced human experiences in a relatable and endearing way. The actors’ performances, the writing, and the story is the main reason to make it must watch.

You can stream “Tiny Beautiful Things’ on Hulu.

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