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Where is Korean Drama ‘Shadow Detective’ Filmed?

Where is Korean Drama 'Shadow Detective' Filmed

Where is ‘Shadow Detective’ Filmed? – Detective Kim Taek-Rok, the lead character in the South Korean crime drama series “Shadow Detective,” can now be seen streaming on Disney+. After serving law enforcement for an extensive career and retiring peacefully, Taek-Rok suddenly finds his retirement plans disrupted when an upsetting phone call informs him he has been falsely implicated in a murder that had nothing to do with him; further complicating matters is the real culprit’s use of blackmail against Taek-Rok while reflecting upon past events.

Shadow Detective,” an incredible South Korean series, boasts an extraordinary ensemble cast, including Lee Sung-min, Jin Goo, Kyung Soo-jin, Lee Hak-joo, and Kim Hong-pa. Set against the picturesque port city of Geumo in South Korea, “Shadow Detective” takes viewers on an immersive adventure as characters navigate various captivating locations throughout Geumo – with performances by talented Korean actors and actresses adding depth and authenticity to its storytelling and captivating audiences worldwide.

Are You Curious about the Production Details of this Engaging Crime Drama? Below we provide all the answers and insight for those with inquiring minds!

Where was Shadow Detective Season 1 Filmed

Where was Shadow Detective Season 1 Filmed?

Shadow Detective” unfolds its thrilling narrative against the breathtaking backdrop of Ulsan Metropolitan City in South Korea. Situated in the southeast region of the Republic of Korea, Ulsan is an ideal setting for the unfolding events on screen. Ulsan offers diverse scenery, allowing production crews of series like Shadow Detective to use its diverse scenery to capture its fictional port town feel in full effect.

Viewers of this series can catch glimpses of prominent landmarks in Ulsan, such as Jangsaengpo Whale Museum, Ulsan Grand Park, Daewangam Park, Ganjeolgot Cape, and industrial complex regions during episodes like Sea Fog and Seoul Vibe. These locations add authenticity and depth to scenes that take place there, creating an immersive viewing experience for viewers. Interestingly enough, Ulsan has also served as a backdrop for other productions, such as the films “Sea Fog” and “Seoul Vibe.”

Lee Sung-min, who portrays Kim Taek-rok in “Shadow Detective,” shared an interesting anecdote during the 2022 press conference. Sung-min shared that he noticed an abrupt decline in his glucose levels while on set. Concerned, he sought medical advice; to his shock and amusement, doctors asked whether Sung-min had been regularly exercising; amusingly though, he replied “no,” because he had been busy writing plays instead – an unexpected revelation that left them baffled as doctors asked what could possibly explain Sung-min’s well being. Sung-min joked off-set due to extensive running on-set while filming this series!

“Shadow Detective” holds audiences spellbound with its captivating storyline and filming locations, captivating viewers with its talented cast, and Ulsan’s allure to create an unforgettable viewing experience.

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