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Where is Morgan Olivia Rose’s Friend Casey Blakely Now?

Where is Casey Blakely Now

Where is Casey Blakely Now? – Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl” on Hulu showcases various individuals – including journalists and socialites – who recount their experiences within New York City’s affluent circles during the 1990s and 2000s. Casey Blakely appeared due to her close friendship with Morgan Olivia Rose. Her insights into Morgan’s life as the founder of Park Avenue Peerage and her post-blog fame were particularly enlightening to viewers. Understandably, many viewers remain curious about Casey’s current whereabouts, and we aim to provide answers to satisfy their curiosity.

What Happened to Casey Blakely and Where Is She Now?

Casey Blakely, formerly known as James Kurisunkal, and Morgan first met during their time as students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Their initial encounter at an LGBTQ+ club in Chicago solidified a beautiful friendship that they both cherished throughout its duration. Casey greatly appreciated Morgan’s writing talent and deep fascination with New York’s upper class, although she also harbored suspicions about the accuracy of Morgan’s recollections.

Casey grew concerned when Morgan returned from her summer internship at a New York magazine and moved back to Illinois, as Morgan’s sudden weight loss raised concerns of possible drug use. Moreover, Morgan’s intense preoccupation with extravagant gifts to Tommy, her drug supplier, strained their friendship and eventually led to their separation, no longer remaining close friends.

While at the University of Illinois, Casey earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. She began working as a Key Account Manager at I-CAR in April 2012, later transitioning to a Client Specialist role with EMKAY and Egencia (an Expedia company) until August 2016. From August 2016, Casey served as a Corporate Travel Consultant until she departed for a Fulfillment Specialist role at Opendoor in December 2018.

Casey’s dedication and hard work paid off, resulting in her promotion to Consumer Experience Partner at Opendoor from January to May of that year. In November, she joined Orchard as a Customer Experience Coordinator before transitioning into a Data Analyst position at The Beans. She was promoted again in April 2022 to Senior Transaction Coordinator and remained in that role until March 2023.

Morgan Olivia Rose's Friend Casey Blakely

Casey Blakely currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and embarked on a new professional journey as a Customer Experience Associate (CXA) at Headway in April 2023. She has since transitioned to the role of Data Analyst at The Beans. Her colleagues have consistently praised Casey for her proficiency and dedication throughout her career.

Casey maintains a level of privacy concerning her personal life, but in a documentary featured on Hulu, she shared some cherished memories from her college years. Casey openly discussed her friendship with Morgan and regretted the eventual drifting apart. This provided new insights into the creator of Park Avenue Peerage during that period of their lives and highlighted the strength of their connection.

As Casey continues to excel in both her professional and personal pursuits, we extend our best wishes for her ongoing success and fulfillment.

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