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ID’s ‘The Perfect Murder’ 3×09 Murder-in-Law: Nancy Lyon Murder


Nancy Lyon Murder – Nancy Lyon died suddenly from an undiagnosed illness while hospitalized, prompting authorities to investigate to discover possible motives and suspects involved. Investigation Discovery’s crime show “The Perfect Murder,” Season 3, Episode 9, titled “Murder-in-Law,” thoroughly examines this unique case. During it, disturbing family secrets are exposed, offering new insight into the incident’s circumstances. If you want a comprehensive understanding of this incident, including details about who committed it and any further developments, then this source provides ample resources.

How Did Nancy Lyon Die

Nancy Lyon Murder Story

Nancy Cooke Dillard Lyon was born on August 6, 1953, in Manhattan, New York City, to William Wooldridge Dillard and Martha Sue Dillard (née Stubbs). Growing up, Nancy was one of four siblings: Susan, William Jr. (also known as Bill), and Thomas Richard Dillard, who unfortunately passed away in 1986. Nancy attended Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and met Richard Lyon – her future spouse! Upon college graduation, Nancy secured employment at Trammell Crow, where her dedication, intellect, and hard work catapulted her into advancement within the company.

Nancy and Richard tied the knot in 1982 and began building their life together in a duplex located in University Park, Texas. At that point, they had already raised two daughters and provided care for several of their friends’ children. But soon after that, Nancy discovered that Richard had been engaging in an affair with his coworker Tami Ayn Gaisford since 1989. Shortly after that, Richard decided to leave their home permanently at the start of 1990.

After several months after their separation, Richard filed a divorce petition, but they decided to give their marriage another try. Richard moved back in with Nancy while pretending to be her devoted partner. Unfortunately, during this period, Nancy began suffering from various mysterious illnesses that worsened her health. Finally, in January 1991, when experiencing severe illness, Richard decided it was best for them both that Nancy be admitted to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Despite the efforts of medical professionals, Nancy Lyon’s organs continued to fail, and despite life support being provided, she passed away on January 14, 1991, due to natural causes, just one week after her admission to the hospital. An autopsy later revealed a high concentration of arsenic in her body, leading doctors to suspect poisoning as the likely cause.

Who Killed Nancy Lyon
Richard Lyon

Investigation and Arrest in the Nancy Lyon Murder Case

Nancy Lyon’s autopsy report indicated that her blood arsenic levels were four to one hundred times above normal, prompting the police to investigate possible poisoning or murder. Dr. Ali Bagheri, who treated Nancy at the hospital, played an essential part in this inquiry due to his observations and involvement.

Dr. Bagheri became suspicious of Nancy’s health condition. According to Dr. Bagheri’s account, Nancy confided in him in Richard’s absence, expressing her suspicion that their marriage was responsible for her declining health. Nancy specifically mentioned feeling sick after drinking from drinks Richard gave her at the theater and becoming sick from wine left on her front porch during their separation period. Furthermore, Richard advised her to take unidentified tablets he claimed were vitamins.

Throughout their investigation, the police examined various possibilities. They considered potential suspects, such as Nancy’s older brother, who was accused of sexual abuse, her nanny, and her former boss, who was embroiled in an intriguing legal matter. Richard became the primary suspect for Nancy’s attempted murder based on his actions of leaving their marriage yet still keeping custody of their children and financial assets connected to Nancy’s family. These actions drew intense scrutiny by authorities, eventually leading to Richard’s arrest for her death in June 1991.

Where is Richard Lyon Now
Richard Lyon (extreme right)

Prosecution of Killer Richard Lyon

Richard Lyon was charged with first-degree murder several months after Nancy Lyon died. During his trial, his defense attorney presented two potential suspects to both the judge and jury: Bill Lyon (Nancy’s older brother) and former boss David Bagwell. Additionally, their theory suggested Nancy herself may have used arsenic trioxide purchased from a Dallas chemical business to take an overdose. As proof of this contention, a handwriting expert testified that she wrote the note herself.

Dr. Bagheri provided additional evidence against Richard, such as receipts he purchased through various vendors. Unfortunately for Richard’s defense team, one key witness unexpectedly changed sides. The chemical company owner claimed that Nancy had falsified an arsenic receipt, casting doubt on the signature forgery allegations.

Richard Lyon was found guilty of first-degree murder after a three-week trial, during which an independent expert testified that Nancy did not sign her receipt with her own signature. Following that verdict, Richard Lyon received a life sentence in The W. F. Ramsey Unit at 1100 FM 655, located in Rosharon, Texas, despite maintaining his innocence.

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