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XO, Kitty Ending, Explained: Do Kitty and Min Ho Get Together?


XO, Kitty Ending, Explained – Netflix’s prequel series ‘XO, Kitty‘ serves as an extension of their beloved ‘To All the Boys’ films and centers around Kitty Song Covey, the younger sister of Lara Jean, who played an integral part in kick-starting Lara Jean’s romance by sending love letters on her behalf. In this show, Kitty finally takes center stage as the main focus.

Kitty and her family travel to Seoul, where she meets Dae and begins an unlikely long-distance relationship through phone calls and messages. However, Kitty soon realizes that love and romance are much deeper and more complex than she originally perceived. Her newfound understanding sheds new light on these relationships and challenges some preconceptions she held about them.

Kitty Song Covey was upset to learn that Min Ho, her roommate in KISS before being dismissed from their relationship, did not bid her an appropriate farewell when leaving following KISS’s decision to exclude her. Min Ho had developed strong feelings for Kitty that only became evident at the end of Episode 10, “XO Kitty.”

XO, Kitty Ending Explained

XO, Kitty Ending Explained

“XO, Kitty” came to an unexpected conclusion as Kitty discovered that Min Ho had decided to accompany her on their 11-hour flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles. While Min Ho had initially intended to visit his mother there, his declaration of love caught her off guard and left her speechless, with so much time on board for reflection and processing it all.

Before this incident, Kitty had just finished her final exams and was feeling down about herself and the results. Q provided some relief by encouraging her to focus on the positive aspects of the results instead. Kitty was still grappling with guilt for upsetting Dae while experiencing feelings of neglect from Yuri. During this conversation, he shared what he knew about Florian and deceptive angels like Lili. Kitty found this revelation disconcerting, leading her to form judgments of Florian, which led to an explosive argument between Q and Kitty that went both ways.

Kitty, Jina, and Yuri reconciled at XO the next morning, where Kitty expressed her regrets and desire to make amends with them all. Kitty spoke with Juliana’s parents regarding spending more time with Alex, while Yuri expressed her delight over Juliana’s return. Soon after that came news that Florian had achieved exceptional test scores due to cheating, which left Q furious. Florian had reached phenomenal results, even surpassing Dae despite this revelation. Q quickly came face to face with this reality as soon as he realized this truth himself and became furious as well.

Kitty pleased that she had done well in her exams, celebrated briefly with Q before their rivalry resumed. Unfortunately, Jina discovered only recently that Kitty had been staying in the men’s dorm without their permission. Consequently, she immediately expelled Kitty.

Kitty of “XO, Kitty” felt dejected as she violated the terms of her scholarship agreement and was forced to return home. Before leaving campus, she ensured her last dinner in the cafeteria would leave an indelible mark. She was urgently urged to deliver an impression goodbye speech and make an unforgettable statement to everyone there.

“XO, Kitty,” continued with Kitty standing atop a table, giving an underwhelming and disappointing speech that Alex called her down from. They bid each other farewell as Min Ho and Q were unconcerned about Kitty leaving. Jina reached out to Kitty with heartfelt words about Eve before sending Jina a letter and cassette from Eve for Kitty in return.

Dae, having lost both his scholarship and dorm room due to his second-place rank on an examination, received Kitty’s necklace as part of her farewell gift. However, heroically rushing back to the airport just in time, Dae prevented Kitty from leaving again for America, and they were soon united again.

Kitty realized her need for change and fresh starts and decided it was time for a fresh start. So she and Dae shared one last kiss before officially ending their relationship. At the airport, however, Kitty unexpectedly encountered Yuri. Upon approaching him to express her affection for him, she discovered he was actually waiting for Juliana!

Kitty then boarded a flight to Los Angeles, where she would experience an unforgettable turn of events. Unbeknownst to Kitty, Min Ho had also come along to be with his mother. Kitty was left speechless when Min Ho announced his love for her!

“XO, Kitty” concluded its run with an action-packed finale that left audiences wanting more. As fans eagerly anticipate its next season and all the answers to any unanswered questions they still had after viewing this finale season of “XO, Kitty,” viewers must wait patiently.

When did Min Ho admit the truth

When did Min Ho admit the truth?

Kitty first fell for Dae-heon Kim when she first arrived in Korea. As the episodes progressed, however, she slowly developed strong feelings for Yuri Han instead. But avid romance viewers might have noted the sweet moments shared between Kitty and Min Ho. Finally, in Episode 10 of ‘XO, Kitty,’ these instances received much-deserved recognition.

Kitty and Dae share an iconic airport scene as they part ways amicably and acknowledge each other as their first love. Though mutual respect was maintained between them, each eventually took separate paths in life.

Subsequently, while waiting at the airport, Kitty encounters Yuri, who is eagerly awaiting Juliana’s arrival. Kitty attempts to strike up another conversation with Yuri, but their conversation gets cut short when Juliana returns. Dismayed, Kitty takes a seat, only for it to turn out that Min Ho is her seatmate! This unexpected meeting proves exciting both for herself and the audience.

Min Ho is motivated to express his true feelings towards Kitty by Kitty’s recent announcement of her split with Dae, which catalyzes for him to confess to her and leave her shocked and bewildered, seemingly finding her next potential romantic interest! The audience may have anticipated Min’s confession, but Kitty remains completely taken aback, leaving her flushed, embarrassed, and wide-eyed when the event transpires.

What Happened to Kitty and Min Ho at the End
XO, Kitty. (L to R) Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey, Choi Min-yeong as Dae in episode 103 of XO, Kitty. Cr. Park Young-Sol/Netflix © 2023

What Happened to Kitty and Min Ho at the End?

Netflix has taken thoughtful measures to prepare for a potential second season of ‘XO, Kitty.’ Episode 10 ends with an important moment as Kitty’s mother confides something to Principal Jina. Kitty finally opens a letter her mother had given Principal Jina earlier in the series. Upon reading it, she discovers the mention of Simon, suggesting a possible first love interest for her mother. As Kitty deeply explores her mother’s romantic history, there remains much for her to uncover!

Given its exciting developments and unanswered questions, viewers would welcome and expect “XO, Kitty” to return for another season. Viewers want to explore further into its compelling narrative and characters.

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