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Fadi Fawaz: Who was George Michael’s Lover When he Died?

Who was George Michael's Lover When he Died

George Michael’s Ex-Boyfriend Fadi Fawaz – Netflix presents an engaging documentary titled “WHAM,” which follows George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley on their exciting journey from high school to international pop music stardom as members of WHAM. The documentary covers their incredible story as an intriguing duo and, ultimately, as members of the iconic band WHAM. WHAM enjoyed considerable success until 1986 before they decided to part ways. George Michael embarked on a solo music career that tragically ended in 2016. Following George Michael’s sudden demise, Fadi Fawaz, a former hairdresser with an intimate connection to George, unexpectedly found himself thrust into the limelight. Now, let us examine some of his current developments that have captured the audience’s interest.

Who was the Love of George Michael’s life?

Fadi Fawaz, originally from Australia, gained prominence in the UK as a freelance photographer. However, he later shifted careers and trained as a professional hairdresser, serving notable individuals such as George Michael. Fadi first encountered George Michael during George’s divorce from Kenny Goss, which was due to substance abuse. They quickly established an easy rapport, and over time, Fadi and George’s relationship evolved into something romantic.

Fadi played an essential role in helping George face various personal obstacles. After George’s heartbreak from Kenny’s departure, he found solace and gradual healing with Fadi’s support. Their serious commitment began in 2012, and they made their first public appearance as a couple three years later, in 2015. During the same year, George sought treatment for substance use issues at a Swiss rehabilitation center, with Fadi standing by him throughout the entire process.

Initially, Fadi Fawaz asserted that he was the one who found George Michael and immediately called emergency services upon his unexpected passing on December 25, 2016. However, subsequent investigations revealed evidence suggesting otherwise. Several sources reported evidence pointing toward Fadi attempting to revive George independently for approximately an hour before alerting authorities. Additionally, there have been claims of an argument between Fadi and George shortly before George’s demise and indications that they did not spend George’s final night together.

What Happened to Fadi Fawaz

What Happened to Fadi Fawaz?

After George Michael’s tragic passing, those close to him came forward to reveal their relationship had ended in 2015. These friends pushed for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his final hours. Additionally, Fadi faced legal scrutiny when he posted one of George’s unpublished songs on Twitter without proper authorization from George or Fadi. However, concrete evidence has yet to emerge to substantiate these speculations. Therefore, readers should view such reports with caution.

After George’s death, Fadi’s life seemed to spiral out of control, leading to multiple arrests. In July 2019, Fadi was charged with significant property damage after being found on George’s premises. Later that year, reports emerged suggesting that he may have become homeless. Fadi made several allegations against George via Twitter, including claims of him being HIV positive and not writing his own songs.

However, these claims were quickly disproven by evidence. He also suggested that he might have been homeless, but this claim was also soon disproven. In 2021, Fadi Fawaz faced additional legal troubles, including accusations of criminal damage and vandalism stemming from an Instagram video where he appeared to be using crystal meth. Currently, Fadi seems to be leading an inconspicuous lifestyle in London, England.

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