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ID ‘American Monster’ 10X7 He Wasn’t Supposed To Be Here: Kenneth Arlen Samard Murder


Kenneth Arlen Samard Murder – He Wasn’t Supposed To Be Here” is the seventh episode of Season 10 for American Monster, airing on Investigation Discovery and exploring Kenneth Arlen Samard’s murder in Albany, Oregon, in November 2015. While police quickly apprehended his killer, ascertaining premeditated intent took longer. It required traditional investigation methods utilizing resources available through our resources, such as insights into the background of the perpetrator and their whereabouts during that period. Let’s continue this investigation!

Kenneth Arlen Samard Murder

Kenneth Arlen Samard Murder Plot

Arlen Samard, commonly known as Ken, was born on January 25th, 1958, in Albany, Oregon, to parents Arlen “Dusty” Samard and Eileen Samard. After an initial relocation, Ken attended Highland Elementary School from PreK to first grade before his family resettled permanently in Tangent. They built a new home there. Ken actively participated in extracurricular activities at Tangent Elementary, Memorial Middle, and West Albany High Schools (WAHS), playing in various musical bands throughout his academic journey.

Ken enjoyed working for various farmers during his time at WAHS, which proved an enriching and valuable experience. After graduating high school, he pursued his interest in agriculture by joining the United States Navy as part of Mobile Construction Battalion 18. He served first at Port Hueneme, then Oxnard, before finally ending up on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean for one year before leaving service altogether.

Ken joined the Oregon National Guard, serving in Albany and later Dallas with the 1249th Division’s Engineering Battalion as a sergeant for 22 years before ultimately retiring as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom deployments to Iraq and bow hunting expeditions as an engineer sergeant in Albany’s 1249th Division’s Engineering Battalion.

Ken also worked with Willamette Industries Albany Paper Mill’s maintenance department for 25 years before retiring. Family members testified about Ken’s deep appreciation for spending time outdoors, such as fishing and bow hunting activities, that his military service and dedication allowed them to fulfill. Family members testified to his great appreciation of nature through activities such as fishing and bow hunting activities that family members attest to.

Ken and Roberta Bogart Samard welcomed three children into their lives on September 2000: Bradley A. Samard, Danielle N. Samard, and Matthew S. Samard. However, on November 16, 2015, at 6:10 a.m., law enforcement officials from Linn County Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of gunshots at Ken’s residence located north of Albany; upon arrival, officers discovered Ken had succumbed to one gunshot wound resulting in his death; this left the community shocked and stunned.

Kenneth Arlen Samard Murder Investigation and Arrest

Investigation and Arrest in Kenneth Arlen Samard Murder

Linn County Sheriff’s Office released a press statement detailing Roberta Samard, then aged 62 at the time, was arrested and charged with manslaughter following her husband’s unintended presence at the time of the incident, alleging that she accidentally shot him and contemplated suicide on November 16. She disclosed this state of depression and intent of suicide to officers on November 16.

Roberta Samard initially faced manslaughter charges against her based on statements to police wherein she allegedly indicated suicidal threats before discharging the gun that resulted in her husband’s death. Although initially filed as manslaughter charges, these were later upgraded to murder, which requires proof of premeditation; murder carries a minimum jail term of 25 years compared with 10 for manslaughter.

Court documents reveal that Roberta was experiencing significant stress when she and her husband were to vacate a foreclosed house, prompting her to handle firearms and make suicidal threats. Law enforcement reported that upon arrest, she remained silent but pointed them towards where the body lay; during her time in Linn County Jail, she changed her story, now claiming it had happened by accident – authorities suggested this silence could be seen as evidence of guilt, suggesting she created this new account to cover up her actions while behind bars.

Important to keep in mind is that the information provided here is derived from available court papers and statements by the Linn County Sheriff’s Office. Legal proceedings have yet to take place on this case and will ultimately determine its verdict based on presented evidence and arguments presented before a court of law.

Prosecution of Roberta Samard

Prosecution of Roberta Samard

Roberta Samard was found guilty by a unanimous jury verdict in mid-April 2017. Medical examiner’s testimony at her trial disproved Roberta’s claims of an accidental shooting: contact wound evidence suggested that Roberta may have placed the muzzle of her firearm against the victim’s body before pulling the trigger, contradicting Roberta’s contention that this shooting had occurred by chance.

On April 19th, 2017, Roberta received a prison sentence of 25 years following her conviction and, according to official court records, is currently incarcerated at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon, with the earliest possible date of release listed as November 2040. Roberta currently ages 70 years and will likely remain behind bars until her sentence has been completed as per the legal process and any modifications due to behavior during incarceration or other factors.

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