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Crime Junkie Podcast ‘MISSING: Brian Wehrle’ – Is Brian Found?

Brian Wehrle: Found or Missing – Crime Junkie is a popular true crime podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers and co-hosted by Brit Prawat. The show covers various true crime cases, discussing details, theories, and investigations. Each episode typically focuses on a specific case, ranging from unsolved mysteries to high-profile crimes.

On September 23, 2009, in Carrollton, Georgia, authorities were hopeful that Brian Wehrle would soon return home after going missing from his parent’s home on September 23. Unfortunately, as time progressed and there was no news or lead on his whereabouts or any possible leads on his return, concerns grew among his family and friends. The Crime Junkie show examines this investigation conducted by Georgia authorities titled ‘MISSING: Brian Wehrle,” allowing viewers to discover the background behind it all and any new developments regarding his location or return. If you’re intrigued by this case, we have you covered; stay tuned as we provide all of this mystery!

Is Brian Wehrle Found or Missing

The Disappearance of Brian Wehrle: What Happened to Him?

Brian Wehrle of Georgia recently vanished at 36, leaving loved ones and acquaintances deeply worried. Renowned for his strong family values and willingness to lend a helping hand and form new relationships, Brian’s sudden disappearance was met with shock by those close to him. Brian worked professionally as a land surveyor, living with his partner on Morningside Drive in Atlanta. He had recently been diagnosed with severe insomnia, which disrupted his sleep patterns, but all seemed well then – no one could have predicted what fate awaited this 36-year-old.

According to reports, Brian Wehrle was last seen at his parents’ residence in Carrollton, Georgia, on September 24. He had traveled from Atlanta and intended to spend quality time with his family. A neighbor noted seeing Brian in the garage at 2 AM due to his irregular work schedule. However, when 8:30 AM came around, neither he nor his car could be located there.

The initial assumption by Brian’s loved ones was that he had just gone out for some personal time and would soon return. Concern arose when Brian failed to appear at his scheduled appointment at Carroll County Probate Court at 9 am as planned, which sparked search parties and led to him being reported missing immediately. Georgia license plates for his 1992 Buick LeSabre vehicle were noted. Unfortunately, Brian remained elusive despite law enforcement involvement; therefore, progress in his case could have been faster over the subsequent days.

We deeply regret to inform you that Brian Wehrle remains missing, with no known place of residence. Despite these challenging circumstances, his family remains committed to bringing him home safely. Initial steps in their investigation included conducting an exhaustive search of Brian’s parents’ residence. There, they discovered he had left most of his personal belongings behind – medication, clothing, shoes, toiletries, and his cell phone being some examples. Authorities questioned numerous friends and neighbors of Brian as well as searched the surrounding neighborhood extensively; unfortunately, these efforts proved fruitless as it was confirmed that Brian did not have any known enemies, and the police could not identify a specific suspect.

What Happened to Brian Wehrle

However, in December 2009, a major breakthrough occurred when Brian’s vehicle was discovered two hours away in Chattanooga, Tennessee. To their shock, they found that its Georgia license plates had been altered with stolen Tennessee plates, although both keys and Brian’s iPod were located inside. His family confirmed he had no connections or apparent reason to have traveled alone there. Given these signs of possible criminal activity, the police decided to open up their investigation publicly while appealing for witness and informant help with their inquiry.

Over a month later, it was discovered that Brian had abandoned his vehicle in Chattanooga. Following extensive canvassing of the neighborhood, the police found an individual who claimed they saw a black man parking it towards the end of October 2009. This witness provided enough details for authorities to create an accurate sketch of who this individual may have been. They described a thin man in his 20s wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and dark jeans when parking the vehicle. Unfortunately, despite sharing this description with local authorities and providing it publicly, no one knows who this individual may be!

Tragically, following this development, the investigation slowed significantly due to a lack of new leads. Police kept their tip lines open as an ongoing investigation. Brian’s absence has left his loved ones grappling with its profound effects as they remain hopeful that someone might come forward with information that could bring closure to this painful ordeal.

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