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Dateline: Secrets Uncovered – 11×22 – Haile Kifer and Nick Brady Murders


Haile Kifer and Nick Brady Murders – On November 22, 2012, in Little Falls, Minnesota, horrifying news stunned and infuriated its residents. Nick Brady and Haile Kifer met tragic ends when they attempted to burglarize a home, leaving residents of Little Falls shaken by this tragic event. Recent murders in Minnesota have reignited an intense dialogue over its controversial law permitting residents to use deadly force to defend their properties from criminal intruders.

NBC crime series “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered” Season 11 episode 22, “Trouble at the 7-11 Ranch,” takes an in-depth look into the mysterious murders at 7-11 Ranch, from their initial investigation to the capture and conviction of their perpetrator. Let’s delve deeper into this crime and uncover all its intricate details.

Nick Brady and Haile Kifer Murder Story

Nick Brady and Haile Kifer Murder Story: Investigation

Little Falls, Minnesota resident Nicholas “Nick” Brady and Haile Kifer were two cousins living together who became victims of tragic events. Nick was 17, and Haile was 18 at the time. Despite coming from seemingly ordinary backgrounds, Nick and Haile were under suspicion for multiple burglaries in nearby neighborhoods. On August 28th, 2012, Nick’s sister accused him of stealing drugs from her home. The police made an incredible revelation: Nick’s car may have been used in a burglary at a retired teacher’s home just one day before her untimely death. The police remain convinced that this evidence will help solve the case, despite Nick and Haile having no prior criminal history and their actions remaining unprosecuted.

Nick and Haile hatch a plan to break into a nearby home when its owner is away – will their plan go off without a hitch? Tune in on November 22, 2012, to find out! In this scene, teenage burglars Nick and Haile conduct surveillance of the property before carrying out their plan to gain entry through a second-floor window. Unfortunately, that night would mark their last encounter; they vanish without a trace upon leaving. Their families became increasingly alarmed about their absence and began searching the surrounding regions hoping to find them.

On November 24th, law enforcement received an anonymous tip that led them directly to the home where the daring teens had planned to rob. When officers entered, a grim sight greeted them – the lifeless bodies of Nick and Haile lay stacked upon each other, riddled with multiple bullet wounds. According to the medical examiner’s reports, the victims had been shot close up with a .22 caliber firearm, causing incapacitation while they lay unconscious on the ground. But their killer wasn’t done with them yet; they delivered one final blow with an execution-style killing.

As Nick and Haile vanished, their families and the community came together to search the area for them. Police were initially unaware of the incident until November 24 when 64-year-old homeowner Byron Smith made an unexpected call to authorities, confessing to killing two intruders who broke into his home on November 22. Smith stated he didn’t want to disturb Thanksgiving by bothering the police with what he believed to be relatively insignificant matters such as this murder case.

Byron Smith
Byron Smith

As soon as they heard the call, investigators rushed to Byron’s residence. Once there, they discovered the dead bodies of Nick and Haile stacked upon each other with blood pooling beneath them. An initial inquiry revealed multiple gunshot wounds on both intruders, suggesting premeditation and brutality during their deaths. No weapons were ever found on either intruder. TV writer Robert reported that when questioned by the police about these events, Byron claimed he fired in self-defense, citing fear for his property. When confronted about his actions, he stated he shot both in defense. Byron claimed to have shot both in self-defense, citing fear for his property as justification for his actions, as reported by TV writer Robert.

Unintentionally exposing his involvement, the homeowner provided surprising details of Haile’s murder by describing how her laughter and taunts prevented him from delivering the final blow after already injuring her. Just when things seemed hopelessly dire, Byron added another twist. Although his property had been broken into multiple times before the double murders, he claimed they weren’t premeditated or planned. This revelation raised questions about the investigation. Stay tuned as their investigation unfolds.

As the investigation progressed, the police conducted a detailed search of the burglarized property until they found evidence – footage from security cameras that had recorded all aspects of what had transpired. This footage would be instrumental in solving the case.

Law enforcement could piece together a clear picture of what had transpired thanks to Byron’s meticulous setup. They used an audio device that captured every second, providing law enforcement with a vivid depiction of what happened at Nick and Haile’s house. The perpetrator had strategically turned off all light sources and placed recording equipment, creating an ambush for the 17-year-old intruder who entered through the front door. Byron patiently waited in his basement, revolver at the ready, and shot Nick as soon as he descended into the basement depths. Byron remained hidden behind walls, waiting for Haile to enter before shooting her. The audio recordings revealed that Haile was terrified after the injury, contrary to Byron’s initial description of her laughing. These details fueled suspicions of premeditation, leading the police to arrest the homeowner involved swiftly.

Where is Killer Byron Smith Now

Where is Killer Byron Smith Now?

In an explosive courtroom scene, Byron Smith asserted his innocence and maintained that he only protected his property from unwanted intruders. Although Minnesota allows homeowners to use deadly force if necessary, one cannot kill without a legitimate threat present.

As a result, Byron was found guilty of premeditated first- and second-degree murder and given a life sentence without parole in 2014. Despite Byron’s attempts to appeal his conviction through legal means, the courts upheld their decision. He remains incarcerated at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights, located in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.

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