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Netflix’s Unstable: Is ‘Dragon’ Company Based on a Real Life Biotechnology Company?


Is ‘Dragon’ Company Based on a Real Life Biotechnology Company? – Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe are featured in and executive producers for the upcoming Netflix original series “Unstable,” a workplace comedy set in America that also stars Victor Fresco. The series will premiere on Netflix on March 30th, 2023.

John Owen Lowe’s character in the series takes a job at his father’s cutting-edge bio-research facility to keep him from spiraling further into depression after losing his wife. As they work together, Lowe encounters many humorous moments along the way.

The series follows Dragon, a biotech company at the forefront of development. In its first season, Ellis and his team are trying to find a way to turn atmospheric carbon into concrete. If you’re uncertain whether Dragon is a legitimate business venture, this article has all your answers.

Is Dragon a Real Biotechnology Company

Is Dragon Company a Real-Life Biotechnology Company?

No biotechnology company named Dragon has ever been founded or operated by someone with the last name Dragon. However, it’s not unheard of for businesses to be named after mythical creatures such as dragons.

Dragon Biotech Solutions B.V., a Vietnamese company, and Golden Dragon Biotechnology Company Ltd are two biotech firms providing agricultural and biosafety farming solutions. Both firms are actively recruiting in the biotechnology drug discovery, development, and manufacturing arena.

In the Netflix original series “Unstable,” Ellis Dragon (Rob Lowe) is an eccentric scientist who has recently lost his wife. Throughout the course of his research, he has created several groundbreaking inventions, such as a prosthetic pancreas and an avocado that cannot be bruised.

John Owen Lowe portrays Ellis’ son Jackson, whose scientific aptitude he shares. However, Jackson currently makes his living teaching flute lessons. When Jackson visits his dad at Dragon, he finds himself working alongside him and meets various characters such as Ruby – a laid-back lab mate – and Luna, -a coworker with an intense secret crush on Jackson.

Malcolm, a newly promoted project manager, remains dedicated to Ellis despite being an adult child. Tom Allen and J.T. Parr portray self-centered moron twins who are determined to bring Ellis down.

John Owen Lowe perfectly captures Jackson, a kind and regular guy with some of his father’s characteristics but more gentle around the edges. Like the corporation he founded, Ellis Dragon is based on real-world ultra-wealthy individuals with savior complexes; in the show, Ellis regards Elon Musk as a competition and mentions him during an interview.

Overall, the cast excels in their roles, making the shared narrative an enjoyable diversion. While it may not offer much depth, it’s a refreshing watch with likable characters and an upbeat sense of humor.

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