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Netflix’s ‘Wellmania’ Ending Explained: What Did Liv Choose?

Wellmania Based on a Book or a True Story

‘Wellmania’ Ending Explained – Wellmania is an upcoming Australian comedy-drama television series created by Brigid Delaney and Benjamin Law that will be available on Netflix. Based on Brigid Delaney’s book of the same name, Wellmania: Misadventures in the Quest for Health, the show follows Liv Healy – played by Celeste Barber – as she attempts to recover her health after years spent living a stressful lifestyle. As Liv embarks on her journey toward wellness, many obstacles stand in her way, but her determination makes this journey difficult.

Liv’s journey towards a healthier life is not only physical but also personal growth and self-discovery. She faces many challenges along the way as she attempts to break free of old habits. Despite these setbacks, Liv remains determined to advance in her profession and positively change her life.

Since its premiere on Netflix, the show has earned widespread praise for its captivating plotline, captivating performances by the main cast, and inspiring finale. It is a story that many can relate to, one that emphasizes taking care of oneself in an increasingly overwhelming world.


Wellmania Plot Story

The documentary Wellmania follows Liv Healy, a food writer who neglected her health due to her work-related stress. While visiting Sydney, Australia, where she had an exciting opportunity in America awaiting her, Liv experienced physical and mental health issues. With only one month left before leaving on this incredible journey, Liv had only one month to get in shape for her departure.

At the end of the series, Liv passed out before giving a speech at Gaz’s wedding celebration and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Though her doctor said she appeared physically fine, he suspected multiple panic episodes were underway. Despite being told this information, Liv refused to have family or friends accompany her as she left the hospital to catch her flight to New York.

Liv’s mother, Lorraine, followed her back home, where Liv revealed that she was responsible for her father’s passing. Despite his failing health, she had encouraged him to swim – ultimately leading to a heart attack and eventual death. Lorraine was left speechless upon hearing this news.

Liv asked Amy to drive her to the airport without saying goodbye so that she could catch her flight to America. The documentary sheds light on Liv’s struggles and serves as a reminder of how important self-care and maintaining an effective work-life balance are.

What is Netflix Drama Wellmania Based on

‘Wellmania’ Ending Explained: Did Liv return to New York?

Liv was relieved to have passed her medical exam and returned to New York; though her physical health had improved, her past trauma had yet to be addressed. Upon arriving at the television show set, Liv discovered she’d lost her father’s watch while getting ready for her performance. Frantically searching through everything, including the dressing room, Liv couldn’t locate it. Calling Dr. Singh helped Liv calm down but recommended seeing a therapist for counseling on panic attacks; unfortunately, due to her busy schedule, Liv didn’t have time for that either.

Lorraine ultimately decided to discard all of Liv’s school-related possessions. Although she may not have held Liv responsible, Lorraine often wondered what could have been different if Liv hadn’t insisted on going swimming with her dad. Regardless, Lorraine was disappointed in how little concern Liv still showed for her family after all these years.

Unfortunately, Lorraine suffered an accident soon after disposing of Liv’s possessions and was admitted to the hospital. Gaz called Liv to update her on what was happening, but Liv was too preoccupied with her show to focus on her family. We all make life choices; Liv prioritized her career over herself and her family.

Liv had made physical wellness her sole focus, yet it became evident that mental wellbeing must also be prioritized if she wanted a meaningful life. Liv would later regret ignoring Lorraine’s calls after her mother’s accident.

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