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Dark Winds Season 2 Villain, Colton Wolf a Real Person?


Is Colton Wolf Based on a Real Person? – Dark Winds‘ second season takes us back to the 1970s, where three remarkable individuals strive towards a common goal – all pointing towards one particular blond man, depicted as an evil killer and making him one of AMC’s most unforgettable villains of this year.

Kiowa Gordon portrays Jim Chee, one of the investigators in this season of Dark Winds. Although no longer serving as a deputy, he collaborates with Zahn McClarnon (Leaphorn) and Jessica Matten (Manuelito) on his case.

Before the release of Season 2 of Dark Winds, we had the privilege of speaking with an actor from the show, gaining an exclusive glimpse of its thrilling action, and getting more information on its sinister new antagonist, Colton Wolf.

Is Colton Wolf Based on a Real Person?

Dark Winds is an adaptation of Tong Hillerman’s novel trilogy with the same title. Season 2 draws inspiration from an earlier work published in 1980 titled “Colton Wolf” (first written as “Colton Wollar” in Tong Hillerman’s trilogy), portrayed on-screen by actor Nicholas Logan as Colton Wollar.

Although Colton may have been created in Hillerman’s mind, Logan found something relatable in him as an integral figure of this season. Logan explained how Colton represented the consequences of life decisions and any dark paths they might lead down – something Zahn McClarnon’s character, Joe Leaphorn, struggled with as he made similar choices.

To prepare for his role, Logan read the novel, focusing on understanding Colton’s unique and peculiar qualities, which were further revealed through creative liberties taken with the story and characters on-screen. Logan found great freedom when it came to portraying Colton; this allowed him to fully immerse himself in Colton’s complex mind while embodying his inner struggles.

Logan welcomed the challenge of delving deep into Colton’s complex mind. He focused his full attention and commitment on this role, shutting out distractions on set to engage in his character’s journey fully.

According to Logan, Colton symbolizes the warped aspects of bigotry, historical violence, and unfair treatment suffered by indigenous people throughout U.S. history. Thanks to Logan’s portrayal and the combined efforts of the scriptwriters, Colton emerges as an unforgettable character who transcends mere fiction.

Dark Winds’ Season 2 will premiere on AMC this Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT and promises viewers an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience.

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