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Who were Homo Naledi Species? Did They Really Exist?


Homo Naledi Species – Paleoanthropologist Lee Berger and his team made an amazing discovery in Africa: they found Homo naledi, an ancient hominid that lived approximately 250,000 years ago during the development of our own species, Homo sapiens. This discovery provides invaluable insights into human evolution.

The significance of Homo Naledi’s discovery lies in the abundance of bones found, which serve as a rich repository. Berger and his team extensively explored a cave system and uncovered unexpected results. They found evidence of fire usage for navigating caverns, as well as ritualistic burial practices and basic wall carvings, indicating a level of cultural sophistication among Homo naledi.

Considering these discoveries provides insightful views into the development of our species, including aspects such as brains, intelligence, culture, and religion.

The documentary “Cave of Bones” will debut on Netflix on July 17, shedding light on the remarkable discoveries made by Berger and his team and the implications they hold for our understanding of human history.

What is the New human species

What is the New human species? Did Homo Naledi species exist?

On September 13, 2013, two cave explorers searching the Rising Star Cave system for paleoanthropological sites made an extraordinary find: they discovered a hidden chamber known as the Dinaledi Chamber, filled with highly decomposed human bones resembling those of humans. Intrigued by their discovery, they wrote a detailed report that caught the attention of Lee Berger.

Recognizing the significance of this find, Dr. Lee Berger promptly organized an excavation within months. An international team of scientists was assembled to study and analyze the fossils. Over several months, they discovered at least 1550 fossils. Based on these discoveries and other elements found within the cave itself, Homo naledi was identified in September 2015. Experts concluded that these 15 individuals shared ancestral features but did not exactly match any existing species.

During the initial stages of Netflix’s “Unknown” series, John Hawks made an interesting observation while excavating bones found near modern humans: the features of these bones were both similar to those of modern humans and shared traits found among early hominins, with each bone telling its own compelling narrative. Initially, scientists wondered if there were two separate species or just an unusual mixture. Eventually, they realized how all the bones fit together seamlessly, leading them to classify it as an entirely new species.

What is the New human species Homo Nadei

This discovery presents intriguing evidence, as both radiocarbon and uranium-thorium dating placed the excavated remains in the Middle Pleistocene Homo period, approximately 335,000-236,000 years ago. Our understanding of Homo naledi as physical beings is limited to skeletal remains and information from the Rising Star Cave. Experts speculate that these beings walked upright on two legs, had considerably larger limbs, had flat noses like apes, possessed human-like teeth arrangement with a forward-pointing jaw, and had brow crests across both eyes, providing insight into their advanced emotional development.

Scientists have recently made history by unveiling evidence of ceremonial practices among an extinct species similar to ourselves. The presence of fire and stone tools, including one found near a burial child, demonstrates their intelligence despite their small brain sizes and arboreal tendencies.

Lee Berger, a paleoanthropologist from Georgia, stated, “Homo naledi tells us we’re not that special.” With intentional burials, cave wall carvings, fire use, and other practices showing parallels with modern humans and ancient Homo naledi beings, the long-term impacts of Homo naledi are profound. Berger, the co-author of “Cave of Bones” with John Hawks, emphasizes its lasting relevance. Homo naledi existed and roamed the Earth over 200,000 years ago, performing many similar feats but with far fewer tools.

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