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Is there any announcement for ‘The Rookie’ Season 6?


Is there any announcement for ‘The Rookie’ Season 6? The Rookie, Nathan Fillion‘s LAPD drama, is currently airing Season 5 and has a lot of exciting plot twists and tragic events to keep viewers interested.  After five seasons of romantic tension, Tim is now dating Lucy, and his life is better than ever despite his decision to leave his position as a sergeant in the Los Angeles station. Does the popular ABC show have the numbers to be renewed for a new season?

Is There Hope for ‘The Rookie’ Season 6?

The Rookie on ABC is still in the dark regarding the status of the show’s renewal for season 6 despite the fact that the show’s fifth season is rapidly approaching its conclusion. Yet, as the ensemble of The Rookie wraps up filming the final batch of episodes for season 5, we believe that ABC’s sitcom has a bright future ahead of it.

On the 9th and 10th of March, the members of The Rookie‘s cast revealed that they had completed filming for the fifth season. The sixth season of ‘The Rookie’ on ABC, starring Eric Winter as Tim Bradford and Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen, has not yet been renewed for production.  But on Twitter, Eric Winter, who portrays the role of Tim Bradford, announced that “Season 5 of [The Rookie] is wrapped, and what an awesome season it’s been.”

Eric Winter’s season 6 hashtag was seen in the caption, but the actor is probably simply keeping his fingers crossed for another season. In most cases, cast members are informed of cancellations and renewals of contracts around the same time.

The rookie Season 6

There is no reason to believe that ABC would terminate the show. In addition, it was the network’s drama with the highest viewership in the autumn of 2022. It would blow our minds beyond all comprehension if ABC decided to discontinue The Rookie after season 6.

Nyra Miller
Nyra Miller
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