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Burning Body: Pedro Rodríguez’s Murder: Where Is Killer Rosa Peral Now?


Pedro Rodríguez’s Murder – Recently, viewers worldwide have been captivated by a Netflix true crime documentary series that has created a sensation: “Burning Body.” This gripping show delves deeply into the tragic murder of Pedro Rodriguez, a Spanish police officer, and its devastating aftermath. However, many have questioned its authenticity. Join us as we explore the dark tale surrounding Pedro’s murder: the love triangle tensions that led to it, the following investigation procedures, and Rosa Peral’s conviction as his killer.

Is “Burning Body” Based on a True Story?

Yes, “Burning Body” is inspired by a horrific and real-life crime that shook Spain in 2017. Pedro Rodriguez, an unassuming police officer residing in Barcelona, met an unfortunate end that shocked many. His story provides insight into a world filled with love, betrayal, and murder. This documentary offers a window into such a world.

On a day in May 2017, Pedro’s life took a sudden and dark turn. Investigators were perplexed after discovering his charred remains inside his abandoned car near the Foix reservoir. This discovery left investigators without answers, as his burned remains had been irreparably damaged, making identification nearly impossible. Only when a prosthetic device was discovered among the charred bones did Pedro Rodriguez finally become known as an experienced local police officer who likely met an unexpected demise?

Pedro Rodriguez’s murder is a stark reminder that reality can often be more disturbing than fiction. The circumstances surrounding his death were even more startling, as it turned out that the suspects in question were fellow members of the police force, making this true crime story all the more extraordinary. Police officers typically serve to uphold the law and protect society, yet in this unnerving account, they were on the other side.

Who Killed Pedro Rodriguez

Who Killed Pedro Rodriguez?

As investigators pieced together the details surrounding Pedro Rodriguez’s murder, they uncovered deeper layers of intrigue that revolved around two individuals – Albert Lopez and Rosa Peral, colleagues of Pedro in Barcelona’s Guardia Urbana police force. Their names were linked by multiple threads as potential suspects in an unusual love triangle with complex, intertwining emotional relationships and interpersonal dynamics.

Albert Lopez and Rosa Peral had known each other since 2012, when they began an affair while Rosa was still married to another man. Rosa found herself in another relationship in 2016 when she met Pedro Rodriguez, and they moved in together. However, their romance took another surprising turn as Rosa resumed her affair with Albert shortly after that, sparking jealousy and suspicion between Pedro, Albert, and Rosa.

Pedro Rodriguez was murdered in his own home, which he shared with Rosa Peral. Albert Lopez, Rosa’s lover and one of his alleged assailants, arrived there later that night, where sinister events unfolded. Prosecutors presented an account of Pedro’s movements on that fateful evening and evidence that Albert Lopez and Rosa Peral had played roles in his death. However, it remains ambiguous exactly when or how this took place. However, What was clear was their involvement and malicious motivation behind it.

Both perpetrators initially attempted to construct a web of deceit around Pedro Rodriguez’s murder. After his demise, they embarked on an elaborate scheme by driving his car and using his cell phone in various places he frequented, all to create an alternate narrative for investigators to consider. They even visited Rosa’s former husband’s home, feigning a feud to divert attention away from themselves.

Albert Lopez and Rosa Peral initially attempted to divert suspicion but soon turned on each other during their trial, accusing each other of murdering Pedro Rodriguez. This courtroom drama only added further layers of complexity to the case, leaving many questions unanswered about who exactly played what role in his murder.

Albert López
Albert López

Investigation and Arrest

The murder of Pedro Rodriguez sent shockwaves through Spain and initiated a detailed investigation by authorities. Additionally, due to a peculiar set of circumstances within its ranks, police investigators probed one of their own members, adding an unprecedented layer of complexity to this investigation.

Court proceedings slowly revealed Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez for their deceit and betrayal. Evidence presented exposed their guilt in murdering Pedro Rodriguez with premeditation, despite their attempt at creating an alternative narrative surrounding his disappearance and death. Justice prevailed.

Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez were each sentenced to 25 years for their participation in Pedro Rodriguez’s murder, with Rosa receiving an additional five years due to her familial connection. Furthermore, both were ordered to pay EUR 885,000 as compensation to Pedro’s grieving family as punishment for their heinous act.

Rosa and Albert’s story didn’t end after they were found guilty; instead, they filed appeals in hopes of overturning their sentences at both the Catalonia High Court and the Supreme Court. However, both institutions upheld the original verdict, affirming their guilt and serving justice accordingly.

Where Is Killer Rosa Peral Now
Rosa Peral

Where Is Killer Rosa Peral Now?

As the courtroom drama ended, Rosa Peral found herself behind bars, serving her 25-year sentence for killing Pedro Rodriguez. Many are left asking: Where is she now?

Rosa Peral, who played an integral part in a devastating love triangle that culminated in a brutal murder, remains in prison to this day. From police work to prison life and back again, all while maintaining her innocence by vehemently fighting against being wrongly convicted.

“Rosa Peral’s Tapes” promises to shed light on this mysterious and controversial figure. The documentary provides Rosa Peral with her first interview from inside prison, allowing her to break her silence on an event that gripped an entire nation. Rosa will share her motivations and the details surrounding Pedro Rodriguez’s murder in this engaging documentary.

“Burning Body” is an intricate tale of love, betrayal, and murder within Spain’s police force. Pedro Rodriguez’s murder shocked everyone involved. With Rosa Peral currently serving her sentence and waiting to reveal all her secrets in “Rosa Peral’s Tapes,” we await further revelations to comprehend her true story.

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