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‘Seven Kings Must Die’ Summary and Ending, Explained: What Happens in the Battle of Brunanburh?


‘Seven Kings Must Die’ Ending, Explained – The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die” is a historical drama film adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s novella “The Saxon Stories.” Directed and written by Edward Bazalgette and Martha Hillier, it continues “The Last Kingdom” television series. Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon) was born as a Saxon but raised as a Dane after his family was slaughtered; eventually becoming leader of Northumbria (an area located between King Edward and Scotland).

The Last Kingdom TV series was an unprecedented hit and ran for five seasons, so its movie will surely pick up where the series left off. “The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die” provides an exhilarating story filled with action, drama, and political intrigue that enthrall audiences from start to finish. Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) plays an integral role in his journey which can both be heartbreaking and inspiring – truly making for an entertaining watching experience for fans of historical dramas! Ultimately it offers fans of historical dramas an exciting conclusion to his journey through his fight for survival and justice – which makes “The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die.” A must-watch!

The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die Summary

“Seven Kings Must Die” Plot Summary

The Last Kingdom is an exciting British historical drama that follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg, who was born Saxon but raised Danish. Danish warrior king Anlaf has invaded Northumbria intending to subvert its autonomy, leaving Uhtred grieving over King Edward’s death and dealing with Aelfward and Aethelstan laying claim to his throne after Edward’s demise; Uhtred decides to support Aelfward while investigating Aelfward’s activities in Mercia with Finan and Sihtric who predict that seven kings must die, including someone close to Finan and Sihtric’s love interest; Uhtred supports Aelfward while investigating Aelfward’s activities through Finan and Sihtric’s prediction that seven kings must die including one with whom Finan and Sihtric.

Aelfward devised a plan to trap Aethelstan, prompting him and his companions to travel to northumbria in an attempt at safety from him. But Aethelstan killed Aelfward and his people, causing Uhtred and Ingilmundr (Aethelstan’s Christian advisor). Anlaf gained power through alliances with other monarchs, while Aethelstan alienated people due to his actions alienating people further still. Uhtred learned of Ingilmundr and Aethelstan having an affair before warning Aethelstan about Ingilmundr’s deceit. Aethelstan took Uhtred’s son Osbert along with Edmund as hostages before the invasion of Scotland began before, being picked up by Vikings from Anlaf and brought back home.

Uhtred decides not to side with his fellow kings and is sent to kill Aethelstan. While Uhtred warns Aethelstan that Ingilmundr may be working with Anlaf to undermine their efforts, Aethelstan disbelieves him and attacks Anlaf’s army at Wirral before slaughtering Northumbrian civilians with Anlaf’s help; Finan and Sihtric go to Wirral themselves while Uhtred returns home while Finan and Sihtric travel northwards to Winchester; Finan and Sihtric eventually arrive and bring Uhtred home safely to meet Finan and Sihtric.

Overall, The Last Kingdom is an engaging historical drama packed with action, drama, and political intrigue. It follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg, who finds himself caught up in a power struggle over Northumbria following King Edward’s death; its plot and characters make this watch for fans of historical dramas alike.

The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die Ending Explained

“Seven Kings Must Die” Ending Explained

“The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die” is an action-packed conclusion to Uhtred’s tale. After Edward’s death, Uhtred is faced with a difficult decision: either support Aethelstan, his former protégé who is now the heir to the throne, or side with Anlaf’s opposing faction. When Anlaf betrays Aethelstan through the actions of his advisor Ingilmundr, Aethelstan is left alone to fight against Anlaf’s army.

Uhtred decides to join forces with Aethelstan (Harry Gilby) to unify England under his rule, even though they are greatly outnumbered in the Battle of Brunanburh. Uhtred employs his astute strategy to defeat Anlaf and his forces, which includes a brilliant plan to engage Anlaf after Ingilmundr betrays him during the battle. Despite being outnumbered, Uhtred and his army manage to secure victory through their clever tactics.

Uhtred and Father Pyrlig are both attacked, but Finan and Sihtric miraculously save Uhtred. After swearing his allegiance to Aethelstan to bring peace and unification to England, the film ends on a flash forward to modern-day Bamburgh Castle, where Aethelstan remains revered as England’s greatest monarch for fifteen years, while Uhtred’s legacy lives on through historical fortifications of Bebbanburg.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die” is an unforgettable tale of loyalty, bravery, and strategic thinking as Uhtred is tested to his limits as he navigates a complex web of alliances and betrayals. Additionally, this film serves as a powerful reminder of unity’s importance compared to division. The final scene offers Uhtred the opportunity to either return to this life or join his loved ones in Valhalla; regardless of his fate, Uhtred is an inspirational testament to England’s resilience!

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