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The Big Door Prize Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending Explained


The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 10 [Finale] Recap – The Big Door Prize,” an Apple TV+ comedy series based on M.O. Walsh’s book of the same name, premiered on March 29, 2023, to great acclaim and will return for season two in April.

Apple TV+ has gained much less coverage in comparison with Netflix and Prime Video. Yet, it has steadily amassed an impressive library of high-quality television episodes and movies, such as David West’s “The Big Door Prize.” Based on M.O. Walsh’s fictional account, this series follows Deerfield residents as they come across an unusual Morpho machine at their supermarket for just two dollars, which allows them to access their life potential and discover it through this machine.

“Deerfest: Part Two,” the season one finale of The Big Door Prize, shows the 150th Deerfest celebration continuing despite an impending storm. Jacob (played by Sammy Fourlas) and Trina (portrayed by Djouliet Amara) learn that something that ends doesn’t diminish its worth. Chris O’Dowd and Cass reach a turning point in their relationship, while Reuben (portrayed by Damon Gupton) reveals some truths about Hana (Ally Maki). These events mark the culmination of Season 1.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 10 Finale Recap

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 10 “Deerfest: Part Two” Recap

The episode kicks off with Deerfest and its celebratory atmosphere in full force. Festival-goers participate in various activities such as taking photographs, riding the mechanical bull, and indulging in food trucks featuring unique cuisine. Giorgio offers up his stand boasting the world’s largest spaghetti. Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson suffers a heart attack at a nearby supermarket but is saved by a school nurse who quickly intervenes with the Morpho machine blade entrapped between its back wheels. He is transported quickly to the hospital as soon as he arrives there.

Dusty and Cass reflect upon their relationship during the festival by discussing their mutual fondness for puffins. Both remember different details: Cass recalls simply agreeing with Dusty about the cuteness of puffins, while Dusty recalls Cass expressing her admiration for them. This illustrates the nature of memory, as memories can become clouded with context. Neither appears too concerned by this discrepancy, despite Dusty becoming fixated on the idea that Cass must have faked liking puffins just to gain his favour, an idea which neither appears bothered.

Trina shares with Jacob her desire that their relationship won’t repeat the mistakes Trina’s parents made. Initially meeting it angrily, Jacob eventually concedes that Trina’s perspective is valid. Not every relationship needs an idealized ending, and even those that end badly don’t diminish its beauty and the unforgettable memories along the way.

As Reuben explores more of the town, he again discovers Hana and realizes she was present on the night he discovered a Morpho card with “Priest.” Hana becomes aware of Reuben’s apparent vulnerability, which leads her to consider leaving. Cass intervenes against a local who accused Hana of profiteering from Morpho cards. Still, Izzy reacts differently than expected and takes up arms against this accuser, channelling both their anger into productive action through Izzy.

Giorgio and Nat take an exciting new step together that allows them to embrace who they really are. Beau finds comfort and fulfilment by saving Izzy from a maze.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 10 Finale Ending Explained

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Hana remains an intriguing character in “The Big Door Prize,” keeping locals intrigued while maintaining a low profile. In this episode, it is revealed that Hana, Reuben’s future wife, worked as a bartender near where Reuben discovered the Morpho card, leading him down his journey towards becoming a priest. This verifies its existence within that city as well.

Hana nearly hits the same deer from previous episodes during her attempt to flee Deerfield, realising its significance for Kolton’s accident and drawing Hana back into town. It becomes evident that there is an association between Hana’s personal history and the creation of the Morpho machine. Hana may even be affiliated with its manufacturer company while travelling across various areas with it.

The Big Door Prize Morpho Machine

What Happened to the Morpho Machine at the End?

Mr. Johnson suffered a heart attack while trying to pry open the back of the Morpho machine with a sword, prompting Izzy, his emergency contact due to a lack of other connections, to contact Izzy for his care. At around the same time, the Morpho machine began changing. Upon returning from the celebration in light rain, townspeople noticed that its light seemed brighter than ever. Cass and Dusty became entranced with the television screen broadcasting poll results to gauge Deerfielders‘ readiness for what lies ahead.

Hana soon joins in and starts showing blue dots similar to those on Mr. Johnson’s skin on herself. This was something new for the machine, and Hana acknowledges this as a first. Butterfly and moth-related symbols of change and metamorphosis have long been revered across cultures. What we are witnessing now with Morpho could be described as its mechanical equivalent of becoming a butterfly.

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