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The Snowman (2017) Movie Ending, Explained: Do Harry and Rakel Get Together?


The Snowman Ending, Explained – The Snowman” is a 2017 crime thriller film directed by Tomas Alfredson starring Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, J.K. Simmons and Val Kilmer. Based on Jo Nesbo’s novel of the same name, its plot centres around an investigation of disappearances and murders of women linked by their presence at crime scenes, all connected by snowmen appearing at each.

Harry Hole, an investigative detective from Bergen, and Katrine Bratt are at the forefront of their investigation to identify possible serial killers responsible for crimes in their city. With suspenseful twists and turns throughout, this movie keeps audiences gripped throughout.

The Snowman” explores both the psychology of its killer and Harry and Katrine’s personal struggle when trying to solve the case. It is an intricate and engaging tale of murder, revenge, personal demons, and an unexpected twist ending. While critics and fans were divided on its worthiness, its talented cast and atmospheric cinematography won praise from audiences.

Overall, “The Snowman” is an exciting and captivating movie that delves deep into humanity’s darker corners. Fans of the crime thriller genre should watch this captivating and riveting flick as well as those who enjoy twisty-turny plotlines will surely love “The Snowman.”

The Snowman (2017) Movie Plot Synopsis

“The Snowman” Movie Plot Synopsis

The Snowman” is a gripping crime thriller that follows Oslo police detective Harry Hole, played by Michael Fassbender, as he investigates a series of murders linked to snowmen found at each crime scene. The film begins with a flashback to 1980, where a young boy named Jonas witnesses his mother being abused by her partner before being sent to a children’s home.

In the present day, Harry is called on to investigate the disappearance of Birte Becker. Shortly after, his team discovers a snowman at the location of her disappearance, leading them to suspect foul play and the possibility of multiple serial killers at work in the case.

Meanwhile, Harry is grappling with personal demons, such as alcoholism and his failed relationship with former flame Rakel (Charlotte Gainsbourg). Harry’s investigation leads him to Katrine Bratt (Rebecca Ferguson), a new recruit on the police force who also wants to find who killed the victims – together, and they follow clues leading them directly to a wealthy businessman named Arve Stop (J.K. Simmons) and his troubled son who may be responsible.

As Harry and Katrine discover more information, they realize the killer may have connections to a case from years earlier where Jonas, a young boy named, went missing. Together they unmask the shocking truth behind these murders and their killer’s motivations.

“The Snowman” is an intricate and engaging tale of murder, revenge and personal demons with an unexpected turn in its conclusion based on Jo Nesbo’s novel of the same name.

The Snowman (2017) Movie Ending Explained

The Snowman (2017) Movie Ending, Explained

“The Snowman” is about an unknown serial killer known as the “Snowman”, who has been targeting women who engage in questionable activities and leaving snowmen with coffee bean eyes at each crime scene. Harry Hole and Katrine Bratt initially suspected Arve Stop as being behind these murders until they realized Mathias Lund-Helgesen (Sarah’s son) was actually behind these atrocities.

Mathias’ actions towards women he considered bad mothers mirrored his view that his mother caused all his problems. Harry confronted Mathias, and Mathias shot Harry before falling into the freezing water and drowning as his mother had. Katerine, who was investigating due to her father’s involvement, was murdered by The Snowman, leaving Harry alone to explore Katerine’s murder investigation.

“The Snowman” is an intricate and suspenseful movie that keeps audiences on edge throughout its many twists and turns. The plot explores themes of revenge, personal demons, and killer psychology while featuring talented cast members Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, and J.K Simmons, who give strong performances.

Though this film earned mixed reviews from critics and underperformed at the box office, it remains an entertaining crime thriller worthy of viewing for fans of its genre, with its talented cast and atmospheric cinematography contributing to its overall appeal, making this must-see viewing for those seeking a thrilling cinematic experience.

Do Harry and Rakel Reconcile

Do Harry and Rakel Reconcile?

Harry Hole’s (Michael Fassbender) personal life plays an essential part in “The Snowman.” Harry’s relationships with Rakel (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and her son Ogel and their connection are integral parts of Harry’s development as a character. Even though Rakel has since found another partner, Harry and Rakel still have strong feelings towards each other and care deeply for one another; sharing an almost-sleep-together adventure but remaining friends is no small matter.

Harry struggles with both his addiction to murder cases and alcohol, leading him away from Rakel and forcing their relationship apart. Mathias, the film’s antagonist, kidnaps Oleg and Rakel to help release some of the emotional pain he feels for Rakel as a mother; Harry, too, is puzzled as to why Oleg looks up to him yet is not more involved with him; similarly, he acknowledges he cannot be part of Rakel and Ogel’s lives because he feels inadequate enough.

At the movie’s conclusion, Harry undertakes a critical homicide case to demonstrate his obsession with solving murders. Although the film does not directly show it happening, one can assume they do not reconcile. Therefore Harry’s personal struggles only add more dimension and show how his professional work interconnects with his private life.

Overall, Harry’s personal life is an integral element of “The Snowman.” It shows his struggles with addiction, relationships and internal demons while adding depth and dimension to both plot and character development. Rakel and Ogel play vital roles in this movie’s plot, while Harry’s journey shows how personal struggles affect his work as a detective.

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