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Where Are the Duke Lacrosse Scandal Players Now?

Where Are the Duke Lacrosse Scandal Players Now

Duke Lacrosse Scandal Players Now – ESPN’s documentary ‘30 for 30: Fantastic Lies‘ provides an in-depth examination of the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Case, illuminating how one party led to false rape accusations against dozens of individuals and had a significant impact on many involved. Through extensive research, this documentary presents recent interviews with key individuals. It exposes previously unseen archival footage, clarifying the guilt of those responsible for inviting strippers and those in positions of authority during the events.

Given that nearly 15 years have passed since the case’s conclusion, it seems reasonable to inquire about the key figures’ well-being and current professional endeavors. It is important to approach this matter carefully, respecting their privacy while seeking an update on their current circumstances.

Where is Crystal Mangum Today

Where is Crystal Mangum Today?

Crystal Mangum, a psychology student at NCCU and a part-time dancer made serious accusations of sexual assault against three members of the Duke University lacrosse team when she was 27 years old. According to reports, Crystal and Kim Roberts were hired through an escort service to perform at a private party in March 2006. Unfortunately, due to racist and sexist comments made by some attendees at this party, they left without fulfilling their duties and called law enforcement after getting into an altercation with another stripper.

After an exhaustive year-long investigation, Crystal’s allegations against Collin Finnerty, David Evans, and Reade Seligmann were found to be unsubstantiated. The Attorney General decided not to press charges against Crystal for false reporting, suggesting that she may have genuinely believed the accounts she provided. Furthermore, Crystal was arrested for theft under the influence in 2002 and had a history of substance misuse issues. She was also the mother of three children.

Crystal’s life took an unfortunate turn on February 17, 2010, when her 9-year-old daughter called 911 to report domestic violence. As a result of this call, Crystal was arrested for unrelated charges after setting fire to some of Milton Walker’s belongings in their bathroom tub following an argument. She faced charges including attempted murder, first-degree arson, assault and battery, identity theft threats, property damage, resisting arrest, and misdemeanor child abuse. On December 17, 2010, she was found guilty of aiding and abetting juvenile delinquent activity, injury to personal property, and resisting arrest during this episode.

Subsequently, on April 3, 2011, after being out on bail for 88 days, Crystal was taken back into custody on the charge that she stabbed Reginald Daye multiple times in the chest, resulting in his death ten days later at a local hospital. Crystal was found guilty of second-degree murder on November 22, 2013, and received a sentence ranging from 1416 to 1734 years of incarceration. She is serving her time at North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh, with an anticipated release date set for February 27, 2026.

Where is Collin Finnerty Now

What Happened to Collin Finnerty?

Collin eventually managed to turn his life around despite his challenges and was admitted to Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland, after withdrawing from Duke. Once at Loyola, Collin made an impressive comeback, co-captaining Loyola’s highly-regarded lacrosse team and graduating with a degree in Communications in 2010. However, after graduation, he found himself at a crossroads, deciding between pursuing media-related careers or opportunities on Wall Street.

Collin has made quite an impression in New York as a Blockchain Investment Banker, receiving accolades and even earning his MBA at Columbia Business School between 2018 and 2020. This academic accomplishment showcases both his professional growth and personal improvement efforts.

Where is David Evans Now

What Happened to David Evans?

After being cleared by the state attorney’s office and concluding his case in 2010, David decided to pursue an MBA at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania from 2008 to 2010. Since then, he has dedicated himself fully to furthering his business education.

At Apax Digital in New York, David has accomplished much. Additionally, he holds positions on several company boards, such as Accurate Background, Guesty, Ideal Protein Magaya, and MetaMetrics, reflecting his involvement across diverse industries and organizations. David remains dedicated to his family life while fulfilling professional and personal responsibilities.

Where is Kim Roberts Now

What Happened to Kim Roberts?

Kim has consistently denied several aspects of Crystal’s account, particularly her assertion of being sexually assaulted. Instead, she maintained that they remained together throughout the evening, except for a brief five-minute gap. At the time of the theft incident, Kim, who was 31 then, worked as a payroll specialist. Just eight days after attending the party, she was arrested for violating probation and received 60 to 120 days of house arrest and an extension to three years of probationary status. Since being released, Kim Mera Pittman has been living a relatively inconspicuous existence compared to what Crystal had previously experienced.

Where is Michael Mike Nifong Now

What Happened to Michael “Mike” Nifong?

Michael, the former district attorney involved in the Duke Lacrosse Case, faced severe repercussions for his actions. On June 16, 2007, it was discovered that he had filed criminal charges against Collin, David, and Reade, even when exculpatory DNA evidence existed against them. A North Carolina State Bar panel disbarred him for fraud, making false statements to judges, providing false information to bar investigators, withholding evidence, and making false statements to bar investigators.

After his disbarment and conviction, Michael was forced to step aside as the District Attorney of Durham County. He spent 24 hours in jail for criminal contempt related to his perjury conviction and has chosen not to remain publicly visible since 2016. Furthermore, another case involving him was overturned due to suppressed exculpatory evidence, further damaging his professional standing.

Michael, now 72 years old, has chosen a quieter life after facing such serious legal and professional ramifications.

What Happened to Reade Seligmann

What Happened to Reade Seligmann?

Reade then transferred to Brown University in 2007, where he received permission to continue playing lacrosse despite leaving Duke. He significantly contributed to Brown’s 2009 NCAA playoff run, leading to their eventual 10th-ranked national ranking. During this time, he discovered his passion for legal work, inspired by the events 2006.

Reade earned his Bachelor’s in History at Emory University School of Law in 2010 before starting his Juris Doctor studies from 2010 to 2013. While at Emory, he demonstrated his dedication to social justice causes by raising funds and advocating for The Innocence Project during his academic journey.

Reade is a Senior Litigation Associate for Alston & Bird LLP in New York City and recently married Mercedes Jefferis. Together with their commitment and professional expertise, Reade’s legal expertise is matched only by his desire for justice in his work life.

The civil case brought forth by three individuals against Duke University was settled during the summer of 2007. Unfortunately, however, the specific terms of the settlement have yet to be publicly announced.

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