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What Happened To The Candy Montgomery? Where is She Now?

Where is Candy Montgomery now? – Hulu’sCandy” and HBO’s Love & Death” have recently come to our attention, both focusing on events surrounding June 13, 1980. Starring Jessica Biel and Elizabeth Olsen, respectively, both shows have captured viewers with their passionate portrayals of this crucial historical period. If these shows have also drawn you in, chances are you may be curious as to Candy Montgomery’s current whereabouts or whether or not she was arrested for the murder of Betty Gore.

Biel spoke candidly in 2022 to E! News about her ability to empathize with Candy despite allegations against her character. As they explored characters’ experiences while delving into the challenges of being women during the 80s, “I found myself connecting emotionally with their emotional journeys,” according to Biel. Furthermore, Biel could relate to the difficulties of being female, balancing family obligations alongside professional commitments with an optimistic disposition.

Olsen told ET in a later interview that comparing her portrayal to Biel’s would be pointless; each show offers its own perspective. Olsen expressed excitement that both shows acknowledged the same event while being produced simultaneously; she noted how surprised Candy must have been upon realizing another one was already filming!

Stay tuned to both shows based on real-life events to see the different perspectives they provide on this tragic tale of Candy Montgomery and whether she was charged with the murder of Betty Gore.

what happened to Candy Montgomery

What Happened to Candy Montgomery?

On June 13, 1980, Wylie, Texas, was shocked by the brutal murder of Betty Gore by Candy Montgomery, her close friend, and neighbor who would ultimately be charged with her killing in her own home. A twist, in this case, involved Candy having an affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore; thus making for an intriguing tale that has since inspired several books, documentaries, and two television shows: Candy on Hulu and Love & Death on HBO.

Candice Wheeler, commonly called Candy Montgomery, was a mother of two and a dedicated community member. Betty Gore, a beloved middle school teacher living nearby, became quick friends with Candy, bonding over shared faith and devotion for their families. This unlikely bond would ultimately prove devastatingly tested.

On the day of her murder, Candy claimed she went to Betty’s house only to retrieve a swimsuit for one of the children she cared for; during the trial, however, she testified that Betty became angry and attacked her with an axe, using it against Candy herself as self-defense. To their surprise and delight, however, the jury ultimately acquitted Candy of all murder charges on the grounds of self-defense alone.

Her trial and its aftermath profoundly changed Candy, even after being found not guilty. While she eventually moved back home and changed her name for a fresh start.

The murder case had an indelible mark on Wylie. Many who knew Candy and Betty were deeply shocked and saddened by what had transpired, while it also served as an important lesson to many others who witnessed what unfolded. It became a cautionary tale and served as an ongoing lesson.

Decades after its premiere, Candy and Betty continue to enthrall audiences worldwide. Recent television series Candy and Love & Death provide unique perspectives on their tragic story and those involved through the emotional journeys of characters as well as insights into events surrounding that fateful day.

At its heart, Betty Gore’s murder and subsequent trial remain tragic events in history in Wylie, Texas. But its continued relevance demonstrates storytelling’s impactful power and real events having lasting ramifications on those involved.

Where Is Candy Montgomery Now?

Following the shocking events of June 13, 1980, Candy Montgomery managed to avoid death through an intriguing trial that captured national attention. While many believed she was guilty, Montgomery claimed self-defense, and ultimately the court upheld this position; yet many remain intrigued as to where Candy may now be living.

As reported, Montgomery moved with her family from Michigan to Georgia after being exonerated, though she eventually divorced her husband. Jessica Biel, who played Montgomery, sought to understand her perspective through the Hulu series Candy but could not reach out. Therefore, Biel turned to Robert Udashen – Montgomery’s lawyer then – for insight into their case.

Since then, Candy Montgomery has remained an enigmatic figure, keeping her current whereabouts under close surveillance. There has been speculation that Montgomery may have taken on a career in therapy, which might be a shocker to those familiar with her past.

Montgomery’s character remains captivating for audiences worldwide, and many remain intrigued about her involvement in events that fateful day in 1980. While its exact details may never become fully known, one thing is for certain – Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore continue to enthrall us all around the globe.

You can stream ‘Love & Death‘ on HBO MAX.

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