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Where is Chef Natalia Rosario from the ‘Ciao House’?


Where is chef Natalia Rosario Now? – Food Network launched Ciao House, a cooking competition series featuring celebrity chefs competing to make authentic Italian dishes in an Italian villa setting. Alex Guarnaschelliand Gabriele Bertaccini as hosts, with contestants evaluated on their Italian flair, culinary ingenuity and flavour profiles; critics have likened it to Big Brother meets Under the Tuscan Sun!

Natalia Rosario is one of the ten competitors competing on Ciao House from Chicago and often assists The Alinea Group and has competed in other cooking competitions like Chopped Next Generation Chefs and Beat Bobby Flay. Rosario will share the kitchen with her rivals and must create delicious Italian dishes, even though she has never seen Italy before appearing on Ciao House.

Ciao House promises to be an exciting addition to the Food Network’s repertoire of cooking competition shows. Combining talented chefs and Tuscan countryside scenery will likely lead to delicious Italian dishes being prepared. Viewers will get to experience all the thrills and spills of culinary competition while appreciating Italian culture and cuisine in this series.

Where is chef Natalia Rosario Today?

Natalia Rosario is an accomplished chef who was born and raised in Puerto Rico before moving to Mexico. At Universidad Anahuac, she earned both a two-year diploma in Cuisine et Patisserie (2010) and her Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management (2017) degrees. Over time Rosario worked at numerous acclaimed restaurants like Rossetta and Pablo Salas, where she gained invaluable experience and acquired invaluable skills.

Rosario relocated to Chicago in 2017 to acquire modern skills and explore innovative methods of creating Latin food. According to The Food Network, she works as a private chef who blends Tuscan and Latin heritages in her cooking style – she refers to it as “nostalgic food, modern style.” Rosario has worked for high-end clients while writing a cookbook featuring various Puerto Rican and Mexican dishes.

Rosario stands out with her distinct culinary style that incorporates bitters – neutral alcohol – into virtually all her dishes, giving them their distinctive flavour. She considers herself an enthusiastic and creative chef who excels at leading teams with deep Latin roots. Rosario hopes to share this connection between Latin America and Italy in Ciao House through her culinary creations.

Food Network’s Ciao House is a cooking competition show set in Tuscany where ten celebrity chefs will live together and compete to craft authentic Italian dishes. Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini will evaluate each contestant based on their Italian flair, culinary ingenuity and flavour profiles. One lucky grand prize winner receives guidance in the kitchen from some of Italy’s premier chefs as mentors.

Ciao House is an exciting addition to Food Network’s line-up of cooking competition shows, featuring stunning Tuscan surroundings and an eclectic team of talented chefs from Italy. This series allows viewers to witness culinary competition while uncovering Italian culture and cuisine in all their splendor.

Nyra Miller
Nyra Miller
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