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Why Does Kaz Brekker Wear Gloves in Shadow and Bone?


Why Does Kaz Brekker Wear Gloves? – The second season of “Shadow and Bone” delves deeper into Kaz Brekker’s (Freddy Carter) mysterious character, providing viewers with insights into his peculiar habits, such as wearing gloves. Through flashback sequences, viewers gain insight into Kaz’s troubled childhood with his brother and the circumstances that ultimately drove him towards organized crime. Not only do these flashbacks provide insight into Kaz’s behavior and emotional barriers, but they also explain why he wears gloves. Overall, Shadow and Bone provide a more complete portrayal of Kaz’s backstory this time around, providing viewers with greater insight into his character and motivations.

Here is all the information about why Kaz wears gloves all the time.

Why Does Kaz Wear Gloves

Why Does Kaz Wear Gloves?

Since his appearance in Shadow and Bone, Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter) has often been seen wearing gloves as part of his signature all-black outfit. In the first season, viewers were left to speculate as to why this peculiar fashion choice had been made; however, in season two, viewers are given a rare insight into Kaz’s past and the circumstances that caused his preference for gloves.

In a series of flashbacks, viewers see Kaz and his brother discussing their dreams for the future. But their lives take an unfortunate turn when Pekka Rollins, leader of the Dim Lions gang, takes advantage of them by defrauding them of their money. His deception proves so intricate that it includes a fake daughter whom Kaz remembers vividly even today. Ultimately, both brothers end up destitute on Ketterdam’s streets, where Kaz manages to survive, but Jordie succ succumbs to it.

In a horrific scene, Kaz awakes to find himself floating on a raft surrounded by the corpses of those who died from the same disease he had contracted. One such victim is his beloved brother, whose body he uses as buoyancy. This experience leaves Kaz with an aversion to direct physical contact and the tendency to don gloves as a protective measure.
As the season progresses, viewers learn that Kaz’s ambition and hatred for Rollins are connected to his brother’s death. For years, Kaz has been planning an elaborate revenge scheme against Rollins to exact revenge for his part in Jordie’s tragic demise. With these revelations finally unraveling, the mystery behind Kaz’s gloves is finally solved.

Does Kaz Brekker has a PTSD?

Kaz Brekker, the protagonist in Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone series, is a complex character who expertly illustrates the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). His flashbacks throughout the series accurately depict how trauma survivors relive their experiences when exposed to certain sensory stimuli. In season two alone, viewers witness Kaz furiously washing his hands after being touched unexpectedly – another common sign of PTSD. His gloves aren’t just fashion statements but safety measures designed to shield him from further emotional suffering.

Kaz’s past trauma has left him emotionally scarred, leading him to become his own protector through isolation and self-sufficiency. An intelligent and complex survivor, he is fiercely single-minded in his pursuit of revenge against Pekka Rollins for causing the death of Kaz’s older brother. Kaz’s darker impulses and unresolved trauma are not sugarcoated, making him an inspiring representation of trauma survivors everywhere. While everyone’s journey with trauma is unique, recovery often follows a circuitous route that can be both raw and demanding.

Kaz’s character is an impressive creation of Bardugo’s, even with his flaws. His most powerful scene in season two comes when he finally exacts revenge on Rollins, portraying him as a composed yet feral individual, hungry and satisfied yet still a broken boy screaming on a raft. Kaz’s unyielding determination and relentless quest for justice make him an exceptional character that viewers can relate to and empathize with even while he battles his own inner demons.

Does Kaz Brekker has a PTSD

Will Kaz Brekker Ever Take Off His Gloves?

In Shadow and Bone Season 2, the relationship between Kaz and Inej is intricate and nuanced. One particularly poignant moment occurs in episode 6 when Inej experiences a hallucination that Kaz will eventually trust her enough to take off his gloves. This desire is further illustrated in the season finale when Kaz appears slightly jealous when Jesper hugs Inej. Throughout their conversation, Kaz expresses his willingness to work towards conquering his touch aversion and expresses his affection for Inej more physically. Though not guaranteed that Kaz will overcome his fears, it seems like an encouraging sign. If the show follows the book’s depiction of their relationship, there may be hope for Kaz and Inej in the future of the Netflix series.

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