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Lifetime’s ‘No One Would Tell’ – Amy Carnevale Murder Case


Amy Carnevale Murder – Lifetime’s teen crime drama ‘No One Would Tell,’ originally airing in 1996, was remade and released in 2018. Based on Jamie Fuller and Amy Carnevale’s true-life story with some creative liberties taken, the retelling is based on their real-life events with some artistic license taken.

This story follows the relationship between high school students Sarah and Rob as they fall in love and begin dating. At first, Rob appears charming and affectionate but soon becomes possessive and controlling. Sarah’s friends try to intervene, but Sarah insists on handling things independently.

The movie depicts the following legal proceedings as Rob stands trial for his crimes. Throughout the trial, Sarah is forced to confront her situation and how Rob used her. Meanwhile, Rob struggles to understand the seriousness of his acts and their effects on Sarah’s life.

How Did Amy Carnevale Die
Amy Carnevale

Amy Elizabeth Carnevale Murder Story

In 1991, Amy Elizabeth Carnevale, then 14 years old and from Beverly, Massachusetts, vanished without a trace just one week before she was supposed to start high school. Five days after Amy went missing, Michael Maillet alerted the police of the location of Amy’s body which had been dumped in Shoe Pond with weighted-down cinder blocks. Upon recovering Amy’s remains, they discovered she had been stabbed multiple times, her throat had been cut, and she suffered from a head injury – leading to Jamie Fuller’s conviction for first-degree murder.

Jamie Fuller was a 16-year-old athlete who was said to have been dating Amy at the time of her death. Reports indicated their relationship had become troubled and intense, with Jamie abusing and controlling Amy until she ended it due to Jamie’s behavior which made him angry and jealous. On the day before Amy died, Jamie called Amy and persuaded her to meet him; which eventually happened.

On the day of Amy Carnevale’s murder, Jamie Fuller met up with Dominic Sciola and Mark DeMeule. According to Sciola’s testimony in court, Jamie had invited him along to kill Amy. Michael Maillet and Scott Ward joined them later on as well. After leaving Fuller’s house, the group walked to an open pitch, where Jamie and Amy disappeared into the woods alone. Suddenly, everyone heard screams as Jamie returned, saying their attack had succeeded.

Jamie Fuller
Jamie Fuller

Jamie allegedly told his friends that he had covered Amy’s mouth with his hand, told her how much he loved her, then plunged the knife into her stomach until he felt its edge against his own stomach. He then cut away at Amy while she tried to escape by biting his hand as Jamie covered her mouth again and slashed her throat. Later that night, Jamie and his friends dismembered Amy’s body by dissecting it with a knife.

Five days after Amy Carnevale disappeared, Jamie continued his lies to the police and his friends about her whereabouts, even helping search for her. Unfortunately, five days after Michael Maillet informed the police of the body’s location – leading to Jamie’s arrest.

In 1992, Jamie Fuller was found guilty of first-degree murder at the age of 17. His defence argued that his mental health at that time, due to his use of steroids and alcohol, may have impaired his judgment; however, the court determined Amy’s death had been premeditated. In 1995 Jamie was tried as an adult and given a life sentence without parole – one of Massachusetts’ most shocking murder cases ever.

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