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Citadel Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained


Citadel Episode 4 Recap – Episode four of Citadel on Prime Video deepens its mystery even further and leaves audiences with more questions than answers. As the series draws near its conclusion, more questions than answers arise for audience members to ponder. Whoever destroyed Mason’s spy agency remains unknown to viewers, keeping them on edge. Mason recently discussed with an old acquaintance who suggested Nadia might be behind these catastrophic events. As tensions escalate, our protagonist finds herself in an increasingly tenuous situation. Pitted against an accused criminal’s testimony, she must trust her instincts and hope for the best if justice prevails, or will she be left alone? Time will tell. In episode four, we dive deeper into their pasts—particularly Abby’s—as we uncover her genuine ties to Citadel before unveiling one final surprise at the end.

Citadel Episode 4 Recap

Citadel Episode 4 Recap

Our heroes find themselves in an increasingly dangerous situation as they attempt to infiltrate the heavily guarded fortress of the Citadel. Thanks to a new ally, however, they manage to make it in but only with some unexpected challenges. While continuing their mission of uncovering its secrets and rising tensions, alliances may be scrutinised. Stay tuned as this week’s episode of Citadel unfolds!

Mason and Nadia set off on an ambitious quest to rescue Carter from Manticore’s clutches. However, when they reach him, their arrival is met with resistance from Carter himself!

In a flashback to episode 1, Mason and Nadia worked as colleagues at the Citadel before its demise. As part of this scene shift, Ashleigh Cummings is brought back as Abby Conroy, previously seen as Mason’s wife in earlier episodes, now revealed as Roland Moller, one of Manticore’s top henchmen. This unexpected twist took everyone by surprise.

As the plot thickens, Abby is revealed as a Citadel spy. Her mission was to deceive Moller by pretending they had an intimate romantic relationship to gather intel on Manticore’s activities and gain valuable information. Additionally, Abby was charged with locating a crucial key which will be discussed further in due time.

Madden quickly becomes concerned when Abby fails to produce any tangible results in her fake spy romance, believing she may have turned against Citadel. Mason immediately proposes using their memory-erasing technology on Abby to protect Citadel’s secrets and prevent her from disclosing them for personal gain.

But here’s the big twist: Mason was actually using Abby as a scapegoat for Nadia herself! This shocking revelation points towards Mason being the real villain. You will need to watch to find out exactly what this involves. In another surprising turn of events, Nadia is revealed to have engaged in covert espionage using an extremely sought-after key that she herself holds as part of an effort against Citadel. Her actions could have played an instrumental role in its fall.

Carter confronts Mason and accuses him of using Abby to shield Nadia, who may have connections to Manticore. Details surrounding Mason’s plan remain uncertain, but the tension between the characters is palpable.

As soon as we were left reeling from that shocking reveal, the episode switched back to the present day at Manticore prison in Morocco. Carter made sure no confusion ensued by emphasizing that it was only Nadia whom he disapproved of being there alone and not Mason and Nadia together, something which he makes very clear on the screen to avoid further confusion.

Citadel Episode 4 Ending, Explained

Citadel Episode 4 Ending Explained

Before Citadel, Celeste Graham worked alongside Nadia Sinh when her life was threatened. When Celeste stepped in and saved her, Nadia decided to promote Celeste to Tier 1 due to her proven reliability. Celeste now faces more challenging and crucial missions. Our protagonist has taken up the mission to recover the Oz Key from Anders and Mason Silje, undercover as an impostor, causing Anders to fall for her while Mason remains wary. However, things turn bad when Celeste suddenly goes off-track, leading Mason into panic as he watches her handler become concerned about her whereabouts. This raises concerns among Mason, who manages Celeste’s handler, keeping a close eye on her as things become increasingly concerning.

After months of careful planning, Celeste finally acquires the Oz Key, only to be captured by Danik just when she thought her victory had come to pass. As Danik attempts to take Celeste out, the Citadel team bursts in. Danik makes an audacious escape attempt while Silje is taken in for questioning and arrested by authorities. Celeste herself finds herself brought in for questioning, but no sign of the Oz Key is anywhere to be found. Mason begins to wonder whether Celeste might have stolen it herself and sold it off for personal gain or to settle her brother’s debt by selling it at an auction.

As Celeste proves her innocence, tensions increase between Mason and Nadia. Nadia steps in to defend Celeste against Mason’s sudden decisions. Yet, to his chagrin, the Oz Key had already fallen into dangerous hands. However, Nadia successfully persuades their superiors that Danik still poses a significant threat, putting Celeste and her brother’s lives in grave peril. She urgently states, “We need to get Celeste into a safe house until either Danik can be captured or we figure out what happened with it.” Nadia stresses the importance of keeping Celeste safe until they can catch Danik or determine the fate of the Oz Key.

Mason supports Carter’s safe house plan but is unsatisfied with it alone. He submits a formal request to activate a contingency plan for Celeste. If they discover her innocence via the discovery of the Oz Key and locate it with Celeste’s lost memories restored, they could use that knowledge to restore them, thereby eliminating any future betrayals by Celeste. However, Mason’s intense dedication to excluding Celeste from any future betrayals raises suspicions among those around him. In an unexpected turn of events, Carter finally cracks the code.

After taking the Oz Key from its owner, Celeste successfully uses her bag as an escape route. However, the Citadel team manages to recover both it and its contents. Unbeknownst to Carter, one of the Tier 1 officers had secretly messaged the team chief with an urgent request for possession of the Key, requesting that it remain a secret from everyone on the team. Carter stumbles upon this information while combing through the vast digital archives available to him. Mason had access to many secrets and revelations as the only mediator in all group conversations and calls. Nadia had orchestrated their message, while Mason was the one responsible for deciphering it. Mason pursued Celeste not out of suspicion but rather out of concern that her presence might reveal something to expose Nadia’s actions. He did everything in his power to safeguard Nadia.

What Did Nadia Do

What has Nadia Sinh Done?

Since the debut of ‘Citadel,’ everyone has been left wondering who the mole is and if Nadia can prove her innocence by clearing her name and disproving Carter’s accusations that she betrayed their agency to Manticore. Many have suspected Nadia of taking down Citadel. Will Nadia clear her name and prove her innocence against Carter’s accusations? Stay tuned as we find out exactly who took down Citadel and why! What were the motivations and methods used by this individual?

As Nadia rode the train in the pilot episode of Citadel, she was startled to realize she had been set up. While Nadia didn’t seem like someone with malicious intentions for the agency they worked at, either she was masterfully performing or completely clueless. In the latest episode, viewers were left on edge as the plot thickened further, and all signs seemed to point towards Nadia being behind the crime.

Our characters formulate theories regarding what could have occurred. One possibility is that Nadia committed her crime without premeditation, leaving a potential angle similar to what Mason unearthed in Celeste’s account. Perhaps Nadia wanted the Oz Key for protection reasons or as part of an elaborate scheme to gain power within Citadel itself. Mason may have discovered an angle similar to Celeste’s, where he thought Nadia might use Celeste as leverage against Citadel by stealing the Oz Key.

In episode three, we see confirmation of its possession being held by someone trusted, then reaching out and inquiring about an unknown package, only to receive confirmation that it belonged to a trusted individual. This dramatic turn of events in episode three, when Celeste made contact and confirmed the possession, gave Manticore an edge against Citadel. Perhaps Nadia’s theft of the Oz Key from Celeste helped Manticore overcome Citadel.

Could Nadia be working undercover for Manticore? Her ability to mislead lies in her constant and subtle lying. Mason takes on Celeste’s teacher role in this scene as she becomes further caught up in her web of lies, losing perspective on what is real. Perhaps only select members within Manticore are aware of Nadia’s mission. Her expression on the train may have been carefully tailored to avoid revealing anything before its crucial moment arrived. There may even be another explanation. Maybe Nadia was just another red herring and had nothing to do with Celeste or any involvement at all. There may have been multiple plausible explanations, as Nadia could be an innocent red herring without any connection to Celeste.

Final Conclusion

Citadel” undoubtedly held great promise as its cast and crew delved into its screenplay, led by the Russo brothers with an ample budget and hopes of soaring success. Yet, despite all this potential, “Citadel” fails to captivate viewers on screen. By its fourth episode, it has become unremarkable and unexciting due to a lack of originality and engagement with the audience. The characters need more likeability as they encounter obstacles without much excitement or suspense. However, episode four took some unexpected twists that left us on edge.

We look forward to where this story goes and what surprises may await us next! The intricate web of deception and the search for truth intensify as we delve deeper into the thrilling world of Citadel. Will the true culprits be exposed? Can Nadia prove her innocence and redeem herself? Stay tuned as the secrets unfold and the mystery unravels.

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