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NBC ‘Dateline’ 19×02 “Taken” – Matt Landry Murder


Matt Landry Murder – On NBC crime series ‘DatelineSeason 19 Episode 02 “Taken”, viewers are taken through the terrifying events surrounding Matt Landry’s abduction and murder while simply running errands in Detroit in August 2009. Ihab Maslamani and Robert Taylor’s crime spree left law enforcement baffled for some time after their daring escape attempt, keeping officials guessing as they committed one heinous act after another. However, their luck eventually ran out, and authorities were able to track them down and make a swift arrest within several days.

In this episode, viewers will see investigative officers describe the events leading up to Ihab and Robert’s capture, providing an accurate portrayal of the police work involved. We’ll uncover the whereabouts of Ihab and Robert. Don’t miss it — stay tuned.

Matt Landry Murder Story

Matt Landry Murder Story: Investigation and Arrest

Matthew “Matt” Landry was a young man born on October 26th, 1987, in Chesterfield Township, Michigan. Known for his love of music and performing with his band, Matt was a charismatic individual who enjoyed entertaining his friends with Jackass-inspired antics, whether it was delivering pizzas or skateboarding around the world.

His girlfriend, Francesca Bommarito, described Matt as someone whose passion for music drove him every day. He dreamed of becoming a musician and found true happiness playing the drums with his band. Matt’s sudden disappearance on August 9, 2009, shocked those who knew him, leaving Francesca and his loved ones worried and desperate for answers.

Francesca tirelessly searched for clues about Matt’s whereabouts, contacting hospitals and police stations in the hope of finding any information. Her concern grew as time passed without any sign of his return. On his disappearance day, Matt took care of Francesca, drawing her a hot bath and making tea before leaving their apartment together. The lack of a proper goodbye and uncertainty about their future together added to Francesca’s distress.

Matt’s mother, Doreen, who had a background in banking, discovered some unusual activity in his bank account. Three withdrawals of $100 each were made at an ATM located in a high-crime area of Detroit. This raised concerns among his parents, as Matt seemed out of character to withdraw all his funds abruptly.

In a dramatic turn, Francesca joined forces with the Chesterfield Police in a search for Matt near 7 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue in Detroit. Determined to find her boyfriend, she scoured alleys, garages, and abandoned houses, hoping to uncover any clue that would lead her to him. Her determination and love for Matt fueled her efforts, but the question remained: would her search yield any results?

Unfortunately, Matt’s family’s hopes of finding him alive were shattered when Lieutenant Ray Blarek from Roseville discovered his lifeless body among the burnt remains of an abandoned house on August 13. The shocking discovery revealed that Matt had been fatally shot in the head.

The circumstances surrounding Matt’s death became the central focus of the investigation, and the community eagerly sought answers to the question: Who killed Matt Landry? This captivating episode, “Taken,” takes viewers through the investigation, uncovering secrets within this exclusive beach community.

Another shocking incident involving Sarah Maynard at Flagstar Bank in Harrison Township on August 10, 2009, further intrigue the unfolding narrative. Sarah recounts a terrifying experience of being held at gunpoint during a botched bank robbery. The presence of a teenage girl increased the stakes, making it a matter of life and death. The episode explores Sarah’s harrowing account, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats wondering if the authorities will catch the culprit in time.

Sarah’s defiance and refusal to comply with the robber’s demands ultimately saved her life. By bravely remaining on the bank floor, she prevented further violence and forced the frustrated assailant to flee with the money. Meanwhile, on August 11, Ray Blarek responds to a carjacking incident at a nearby Walmart, where an armed gunman threatens the owner of a red Honda Civic. However, the would-be carjacker’s plan is foiled when he realizes he cannot operate a manual transmission vehicle. A thrilling foot chase ensues, leading to the arrest of the suspect.

Ray Blarek, the experienced detective, connects the dots and recognizes the arrested individual as the same person who had robbed the Harrison Township bank on August 10. The presence of surveillance footage from the gas station, where Matt made his final ATM withdrawal, further supports the connection between the suspect and the crimes. The pieces of the puzzle begin to come together.

During the courtroom proceedings, Essa Rahimee, an employee at the gas station, testifies about Ihab Maslamani’s unusual credit payment, a departure from his usual cash transactions. Lawrence Wadda’s critical 911 call is also brought to light, providing crucial information about the abduction and carjacking of Matt. Lawrence’s brave pursuit of the perpetrators showcases his determination, though ultimately, he had to prioritize his own safety and discontinue the chase.

The investigation deepens, leading to discovering an abandoned map in Matt’s vehicle. The map, marked with an “x,” indicates a targeted bank. Investigators begin to connect Ihab to all three crimes, building a stronger case against him. The evidence mounts, pointing to Ihab’s involvement in the disappearance of Matt and the subsequent bank robbery and carjacking incidents.

As the story unfolds, the narrative intensifies, capturing the audience’s attention with its twists and turns. The search for justice and the truth behind Matt’s death become the series’ focal point. Viewers are left wondering about the motives and identities of those involved, eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the answers.

The emotions experienced by Matt’s loved ones and the community are palpable throughout the series. Francesca’s desperate search, fueled by her love for Matt, showcases the power of determination and the lengths one can go to find answers. Shattered by his tragic death, Matt’s family struggles to come to terms with their loss and seeks closure through the ongoing investigation.

As the episodes progress, viewers are invited to join the investigation, piecing together the clues alongside detectives. The series immerses its audience in a thrilling narrative, raising questions about the motives and identities of those involved. The tension builds with each revelation, captivating viewers and leaving them eager for more.

In conclusion, the episode “Taken” delves into the mysterious death of Matt Landry, intertwining it with other crimes that shake the community. The captivating storytelling and the dedication of those involved in the investigation create a riveting narrative. As the series progresses, the audience is drawn deeper into the web of secrets, eagerly awaiting the resolution of the cases. It is a tale of love, determination, and the relentless pursuit of justice that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats until the final episode.

Where Are Ihab Maslamani And Robert Taylor Now
From left Ihab Maslamani and Robert Taylor

What Happened to Killer Ihab Maslamani and Robert Taylor? Where Are They Now

On August 11, Chesterfield Police apprehended Ihab as he tried to steal a red Honda Civic at gunpoint from a Walmart parking lot. Realizing that the chosen vehicle has a manual transmission, Ihab is forced to alter his escape plan but is swiftly captured as he attempts to flee from authorities. The officers recognize Ihab as the same individual who robbed the Harrison Township Bank on August 10. Surveillance footage from a gas station, where Ihab is a frequent customer, is compared to the footage of the person using Matt’s card, revealing a striking resemblance.

Robert’s apprehension follows, supported by testimonies from an employee and other evidence. He is subsequently charged with six counts, including murder. Fred Singletone provides crucial testimony shedding light on the events that occurred at Matt’s residence before his lifeless body was discovered four days later. Ihab undergoes a psychiatric examination while in custody at Macomb County Jail, as he claims to hear the voices of nonexistent individuals.

During Ihab’s trial in November 2010, his defence counsel revealed a troubled past as a juvenile offender in Wayne County and a history of physical and emotional abuse. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, Ihab is deemed competent to stand trial. He is ultimately found guilty of first-degree murder, carjacking, kidnapping, and four other charges, including the abduction and killing of Matt. Similarly, Robert Taylor, who is acquainted with Ihab, is found guilty on five charges, including the kidnapping and murder of Matt. Both men are sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

A surprising twist occurs when two individuals, who were juveniles at the time of their sentencing, now face the possibility of resentencing due to a recent court ruling questioning the constitutionality of life sentences for young offenders. On January 6, 2015, the Macomb County Circuit Court upheld their life sentences, reaffirming that Ihab serves his time at the Macomb Correctional Facility in Lenox while Robert serves his sentence at the Kinross Correctional Facility, both located in Michigan.

The case of Ihab Maslamani and Robert Taylor is a chilling tale of violence, abduction, and murder that shook the city of Detroit. Matt Landry’s compassionate act of caring for a sick individual was tragically cut short by the brutal actions of Ihab and Robert. Their random selection of victims and their callous disregard for human life are a grim reminder of the dangers that lurk in society.

Lawrence Wadda’s testimony provides a firsthand account of the traumatic events that unfolded on that fateful day. The desperate pleas captured in his 911 call highlight his fear and helplessness as he witnessed Matt’s abduction and the violence inflicted upon him. The subsequent investigation, aided by surveillance footage and testimonies, meticulously unravelled the sequence of events, leading to the arrest and conviction of Ihab and Robert.

The trial shed light on the troubled past of Ihab Maslamani, revealing a history of juvenile offences and a life marred by abuse. His defence counsel argued that his actions were a result of the traumatic experiences he had endured. However, the jury found him fully responsible for his crimes, and the court deemed him fit to stand trial. Robert Taylor, who was found to be complicit in the abduction and murder, also faced the consequences of his actions.

The convictions of Ihab and Robert brought some measure of justice to the families and loved ones of the victims. The life sentences handed down by the court were intended to ensure that both men would spend the rest of their lives behind bars, paying for the heinous acts they committed. Despite the recent debate surrounding the constitutionality of life imprisonment for young offenders, the decision to uphold these sentences reaffirmed the seriousness of their crimes.

Presently, Ihab is currently serving his sentence at Macomb Correctional Facility located in Lenox, Michigan, while Robert, aged 30, can be found incarcerated at Kinross Correctional Facility located in Kinross.

The case of Ihab Maslamani and Robert Taylor serves as a sobering reminder of the capacity for evil that exists within individuals. It highlights the importance of a robust legal system that holds perpetrators accountable for their actions and strives to protect society from those who would cause harm. While the story may have taken a dramatic turn with the possibility of resentencing for the two young offenders, the ultimate outcome of the trial ensured that justice was served, providing some solace to the victims’ families.

As the years pass, Ihab Maslamani and Robert Taylor will remain incarcerated, serving their life sentences and contemplating the consequences of their choices. The episode ends with the realization that the mystery surrounding their identities has been unravelled, exposing the dark secrets they held. The haunting memory of their crimes will forever be etched in the history of Detroit, a testament to the resilience of a community determined to seek justice in the face of unimaginable tragedy.

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