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Is Lifetime’s “Maid for Revenge” Film Based on a True Story?


Is Maid for Revenge a True Story? – Alexandre Carriere directs Lifetime’s upcoming mystery flick “Maid for Revenge,” featuring Annie Wilkerson (Kathryn Kohut) as the protagonist. While working, Annie faints and regains consciousness one day, covered in blood near her client’s pool. This sets the stage for a gripping story as we try to unravel the events of that day. As Annie wakes up, she discovers her employer dead in the pool, with her eight-year-old son’s life in danger. Time becomes crucial as Annie struggles to remember what truly happened, adding suspense to the narrative.

Kathryn is not alone in this captivating movie; it boasts an extraordinary ensemble cast. Matt Wells, Barbara Gordon, Terry Ryan, Tim Myles, and Ryan Bannon all deliver outstanding performances that will keep audiences gripped. While some viewers may wonder if “Maid for Revenge” is based on true events, unresolved deaths often leave many questions unanswered. Prepare yourself for an in-depth answer that will satisfy your curiosity.

Is Lifetime’s Maid for Revenge Based on a True Story

True Story Behind the Movie “Maid for Revenge”

“Maid for Revenge” promises a captivating narrative based on actual events. However, as Shawn Riopelle primarily writes for TV, we can only speculate about the sources of inspiration for his work. Real-life cases involving housekeepers who discover the death of their employers could have influenced Riopelle’s writing. One such case involves Dewi Suko Wati, an Indonesian maid employed at a luxurious residence on Victoria Park Road in Singapore. In 2014, she was taken into custody on suspicion of killing her 69-year-old employer, who was found lifeless in their swimming pool shortly before the police arrived at 8:46 AM. Tragically, Dewi had passed away minutes before their arrival.

As you have likely noticed, there are several similarities between this real case and the plotline of a Lifetime movie. Additionally, numerous domestic workers have been implicated in murder cases. We delve into the shocking case of Sandar Htoo, accused of brutally stabbing her 95-year-old employer to death and becoming a suspect in the killing of their teenage daughter. Tuti Aeliyah from Indonesia was eventually revealed to be the perpetrator.

Shawn Riopelle skillfully created “Maid for Revenge,” drawing inspiration from real-life cases of maid murders and classic novels and blockbuster movies that explore similar themes and elements of true crime incidents. One book, “The Maid” by Nita Prose, likely influenced Riopelle. In our next episode, we follow our protagonist as she becomes entangled in an investigation and takes matters into her own hands to clear herself of blame and guilt, much like the protagonist in the first episode.

Ana de Armas shines as Marta, a domestic worker at the centre of a murder investigation following the death of Harlan Thrombey. Detective Benoit Blanc delves into the murder investigation while uncovering dark and sinister family secrets, making “Maid for Revenge” an engaging thriller grounded in reality.

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