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What Happened to the Dog in Fatal Attraction (2023)? Does the Dog Die?


Does the Dog in Fatal Attraction Die? – Paramount+ recently unveiled their latest sexual thriller series, “Fatal Attraction,” which follows Dan Gallagher over two time periods based on the 1987 movie of the same name. Alex Forrest becomes obsessed with Dan and disrupts his private life, even coming into contact with his family’s dog! Some viewers may be curious about its fate in this series and whether or not it survives.

Now, viewers of “Fatal Attraction” may not know exactly what will become of the pet dog in “Fatal Attraction.” Since the series has not given out details about his fate, his fate will ultimately remain up to viewers’ imaginations for now. Though we know from watching the original film that no dog appeared there either, still adding one could add tension and suspense, making for an engaging watch for viewers.

What Happened to the Dog in Fatal Attraction

Does the Dog Die in Fatal Attraction (2023) Series?

“Fatal Attraction” revolves around Dan Gallagher and Alexandra “Alex” Forrest’s romance as its central plot point. It explores its consequences by leaping between past and present events in narrative timeframes; Dan is married to Beth Gallagher, with whom he shares a daughter Ellen and a labrador retriever named Quincy.

Quincy quickly causes havoc when left alone at Dan and Beth’s home and later with Alex on a beach trip; when Dan pays more attention to Quincy than to Alex, she becomes jealous; later still, when discovering that Alex tampered with one of Dan’s cases by creating a false victim statement for one of his cases Dan ends their relationship and requests she stays away from his family.

Quincy finds himself facing another issue when an earring is discovered in his stomach. Beth leaves Ellen and Quincy under their grandmother’s care while she works, trusting her mother with their well-being while Beth is away at work. On returning, Beth discovers Quincy missing and fears the worst; however, upon reaching home, he is found near a pool while Dan speculates Alex may be trying to harm Quincy, yet Quincy manages to escape without experiencing any near-death experiences.

In the original 1987 movie “Fatal Attraction,” Ellen kept a pet rabbit Alex later killed to avenge Dan’s actions. But, in the series version, Quincy takes its place as Ellen’s pet instead. Though he seems safe from danger at present, being a dog adds suspense and tension to the tale.

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