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Who Sent the Postcards in Yellowjackets Season 1, Explained


Who Sent the Postcards in Yellowjackets – Yellowjackets” is a psychological thriller drama series that premiered on Showtime in November 2021. It follows the lives of five teenage girls who survived an airplane crash in 1996 in Canada’s wild terrain. They are then forced to adapt as they survive on their own for 19 months in nature before eventually coming together and rejoining society again.

The show follows two separate timelines; one following their time spent in the wilderness and a later timeline that follows them 25 years later as they explore both what happened during that period and any secrets they’ve kept since.

As weather conditions worsen and supplies become scarce, survivors must resort to drastic measures, including cannibalism, to survive their surroundings. Even 25 years later, survivors still carry emotional scars from their experiences in the wilderness. Meanwhile, an unexpected turn appears when some survivors receive mysterious postcards, eventually leading to blackmail. We have all the answers for anyone curious about who is behind this scheme!

Who Sent the Postcards

Who Sent the Postcards in Yellowjackets?

A major theme of Season One of this show has been discovering who was behind sending postcards, with Natalie holding up one from Misty Quigley containing “Wish you were Here,” featuring photos from Wilderness with its frozen Ontario landscape and mysterious symbol on one side, and bearing the phrase, “Misty denied Sending this Postcard.” At the same time, several characters presented themselves as potential senders (in particular Misty herself).

Audience members were initially led to believe that adult Jackie may be behind the postcards, only for it later to become clear that she had passed away. There were also suspicions that one or more Yellowjackets were responsible, although Shauna not receiving one proved crucial as evidence against that theory. Adam appeared as Javi, one of two male survivors, but this proved false – just a clever misdirection by Adam!

In Episode 5, Nat and Taissa received messages from an unknown blackmailer requiring $50k, followed by an attempt to track him down, resulting in them becoming covered in glitter. Later that same episode, Shauna discovered glitter in her closet, which led her to suspect Adam of blackmailing them. However, her world became completely upturned when she found glitter on Jeff’s clothing!

Jeff finally confessed in a tense confrontation to being the blackmailer and sender of postcards, admitting to turning to loan sharks to save his furniture business and blackmail when they couldn’t be paid back. It turned out Bianca had actually been one of the most feared loan sharks in town; and Jeff assured Shauna of a plan involving Taissa and Nat’s money as his way out from paying off these loan sharks.

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