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How Did Betty Gore’s Parents, Bob and Bertha Pomeroy Die?


How Did Betty Gore’s Parents Die? – HBO Max’s ‘Love and Death’ provides an engaging account of the events leading up to Betty Gore’s murder. Elizabeth Olsen plays Candy Montgomery, an unhappy bride looking for thrills outside her relationship. Allan Gore (Betty’s husband) also appears discontent in his marriage; both characters may have found ways to break free.

Despite their efforts to keep their affair a secret, Betty eventually uncovers the truth, leading to a confrontation that ultimately results in her tragic death. Betty’s family must then pick up the pieces and care for her children; while this miniseries provides a fictionalized account of these events, viewers may wish to know what transpired in real life with Betty and her family members.

Allan Gore, Betty’s husband, has maintained an outwardly quiet life in the years following the murder. According to reports, he remarried and moved to Florida, where he now works as a real estate agent. On the other hand, Betty’s parents remained in Texas, caring for their granddaughters until both passed away a few years ago, leaving their legacy with Betty’s children as they continue their legacy.

Although ‘Love and Death‘ offers an engaging dramatization of Betty Gore’s murder, its real-world consequences still haunt her family today – reminding us all about violent crime’s profound and long-lasting effects.

What Happened to Bob and Bertha Pomeroy?

Charles Robert “Bob” Pomeroy of Norwich, Kansas, was a business owner and farmer/stockman. On January 22, 1949, he married Bertha Larean Hancock from Claremore, Oklahoma; together, they moved to Norwich after she had given birth. Bertha was said to have been born to Toy and Mary Hancock of Caney, Kansas, around 1932 (although further investigation should confirm this information).

Bob had four siblings, including Charles Austin Pomeroy (aka Bob), Lois Neva Loetha Loetha Loetha (though more investigation must be conducted). An individual by the name of Bob was said to have been born Charles Austin Pomeroy and Myrtle L Ozbun Pomeroy from Argonia, Kansas, around 1928 who may or be the same individual; this investigation may include one brother and two sisters besides himself (but the further investigation needs to confirm).

Bob and Bertha owned several businesses together, such as Pomeroy’s Service, Pomeroy’s Office, and Bert and Bob’s Cafe in Norwich. Additionally, they were members of both the United Methodist Church and the Order of Eastern Star in Norwich. Together, they had three children: Betty, Ron, and Richard, as well as five grandchildren named Miles Nicholas, Jacob, and Samuel Stacie Stacy – they also adopted Alisa Gore’s two children from California after her father relinquished custody and relocated.

After Betty Gore’s murder in 1980, Bob and Bertha sought refuge from public life due to intense media attention. Both Bob and Bertha were considered law-abiding members of their community who enjoyed being a part of it; however, investigations continued into her death, leading investigators to express displeasure with Candy Montgomery’s acquittal; they felt his self-defense argument was not convincing enough.

Bertha died peacefully from natural causes at age 77 on January 4, 2010; both were interred together in Upchurch Cemetery, Norwich.

Betty Pomeroy remains missing since her tragic death on March 30, 1980, leaving her family searching for justice over this tragedy. Though some events from that fateful day may remain unknown to us for an indefinite amount of time, her memory and advocacy remain strong among the Pomeroy family as justice will ultimately prevail; as Bob Pomeroy put it – justice will be served; therefore, suspects must endure consequences.

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