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Is Netflix Drama “Transatlantic” Based on a True Story?


Is Transatlantic a True Story? – Transatlantic” is an intense Netflix drama chronicling Varian Fry, Mary Jayne Gold and Albert Hirschman’s efforts to rescue Jews and anti-Nazis from Nazi Germany during WWII. Based on ERC (Electronic Rescue Committee), which Fry co-founded with Mary Jayne Gold, it follows over 2,000 individuals as they attempt to save themselves from certain death.

The series takes viewers on an intense journey through wartime Europe, as Fry and his team use both legal and illegal methods to save as many lives as possible. Set during a pivotal time in European history, its portrayal of events will surely captivate those interested in learning more about this period.

The series follows Fry’s journey to Vichy, France, where he and his team work tirelessly to save migrants from the Holocaust. Its captivating portrayal of their harrowing struggles during wartime in Europe is both emotionally charged and thought-provoking.

Overall, “Transatlantic” is an inspiring portrayal of the bravery and selflessness of individuals who risked their lives to save others during one of humanity’s darkest periods. Viewers will be moved by its powerful message and the strength of those who stood against Nazi atrocities.

true story of Varian Fry and the Emergency Rescue Committee

True Story Behind ‘Transatlantic” Drama Series

“Transatlantic” is a Netflix historical series that chronicles the true story of Varian Fry and the Emergency Rescue Committee’s heroic efforts to rescue Jews and anti-Nazis from Nazi Germany during World War II. Based on Julie Orringer’s novel “The Flight Portfolio“, which offers an imaginative account of these same events.

Fry, a journalist based in New York, witnessed the Nazi regime’s atrocities against Berlin’s Jewish community and was moved to take action. He went to Marseille, France, to help save Jews and anti-Nazis when the Emergency Rescue Committee was formed. Fry and his allies hid refugees inside Villa Air-Bel until they could be safely transported. Through Portugal’s neutrality as an EU member state, refugees were then granted entry to America through Portugal’s neutrality.

American heiress Mary Jayne Gold and French artist Miriam Davenport joined Fry in his mission to save Jews and anti-Nazis in France. While trying to save lives, Fry and his team faced numerous obstacles; including being imprisoned by French authorities who suspected they were planning terrorist attacks. Furthermore, officials from the US Department of State opposed Fry’s efforts.

true story of Varian Fry

“The Flight Portfolio,” however, takes some liberties with Fry’s true story while staying faithful to history while exploring its characters’ innermost thoughts and motivations. This series is an emotional drama about the sacrifices made by Fry and his allies during the Holocaust that significantly influenced American culture.

Overall, “Transatlantic” is an inspiring and moving depiction of one of humanity’s darkest periods and the bravery of those who risked everything to save lives. Viewers will be moved by Fry and his supporters’ courage and selflessness.

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