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Where Was Netflix’s ‘Transatlantic’ Filmed? All Filming Locations


Transatlantic Filming Locations – Transatlantic” is a limited television series based on the true story of Varian Fry, Mary Jayne Gold, and their Emergency Rescue Committee founded in Marseille, France, during the 1940s. Anna Winger and Daniel Hendler created it from Julie Orringer’s novel “The Flight Portfolio”, itself inspired by ERC efforts to rescue refugees during World War II. Starring Cory Michael Smith as Varian Fry; Gillian Jacobs as Mary Jayne Gold; Lucas Englander as Albert Hirschman; Corey Stoll as Graham Patterson; Gregory Montel in an unknown role

Varian Fry spent 13 months in France rescuing refugees, and the show tells his and his friends’ experiences during that period. It premiered at the 2023 Festival Series Mania in France and will be available on Netflix on June 24, 2023. Its themes of bravery and compassion in the face of adversity will likely resonate with viewers as they remind us of the importance of helping those in need, even under difficult conditions.

Transatlantic Filming Locations

Transatlantic Filming Locations

The television series “Transatlantic” was shot entirely on location in Marseille and surrounding southern France. To recreate the 1940s setting of the show, production teams did not construct sets elsewhere; rather, they could film at actual locations where historical events occurred.

Anna Winger, the show’s co-creator, confirmed that the hotel featured in the series is a real establishment now serving as an administrative office. They also filmed at an actual internment camp and prison where convicts were housed. Other authentic locations used throughout production included the port, beach, and wharf.

Winger explained that while the original Villa Air-Belle had been demolished, their production team found an appropriate replacement. They discovered an old villa in southern France that had appeared untouched since the 1940s and seemed ready for them to use it in their show.

Filming on location not only adds authenticity to the series but also showcases southern France’s stunning landscapes and architecture. These stunning sights will surely enhance its visual appeal.

Marseille is a port city located in southern France on the Mediterranean coastline. With an estimated 850,000 residents, Marseille ranks as France’s second-largest city after Paris. The city is renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes.

Marseille boasts a long and fascinating history dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. Through the centuries, it has been shaped by various cultures such as Greek, Roman, French, and North African – leading to today’s multicultural city with distinctive architecture, cuisine, and traditions.

Marseille is renowned for its breathtaking natural splendor, such as the Calanques – a series of steep limestone cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Frioul Islands off its shoreline. Additionally, Marseille boasts several beaches like Plage du Prado.

Marseille, a major port city, enjoys a vibrant economy and is an important transportation nexus in the region. With several universities, museums, and cultural institutions located here, Marseille has become a sought-after destination for both tourists and students alike.

Marseille is an exciting, multicultural city that provides visitors with a captivating combination of history, culture, and natural splendor.

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