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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4: Who Owned the Captain Glenn Shephard’s Superyacht?


Captain Glenn Shephard’s Superyacht – Below Deck Sailing Yacht” is a reality television series that premiered on Bravo in February 2020. It is a spin-off of the popular “Below Deck” series, which first aired in 2013. The show follows the professional and personal lives of the crew members working aboard a luxury sailing yacht during a charter season.

Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the Ionian Sea on the “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” featuring the stunning Italian island of Sardinia. As part of their franchise, this year’s show will once again feature Parsifal III – a luxurious superyacht that has been a mainstay since its inception. Veteran Captain Glenn Shephard returns as captain for the 13th consecutive year, as you’ll join him at the helm!

As the crew of Parsifal III navigates the challenges of running a high-end sailing yacht, viewers will be treated to stunning locations and captivating interpersonal dynamics. The Mediterranean region takes centre stage as Sardinia’s unique character and the Ionian Sea are showcased in the show. Captain Shephard’s commitment to his vessel can be seen in his promotional material; his leadership will ensure an enjoyable journey for both crew members and guests alike.

Overall, “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” promises to be an exciting addition to its series, providing viewers with a captivating glimpse into luxury sailing and the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean region.

Who Owned the Captain Glenn Shephard’s Superyacht?

Fans eagerly await the premiere of Season 4 of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” set for airing April 10, 2023. This season will feature new and returning cast members, with Parsifal III again taking centre stage. This custom-built superyacht can accommodate up to 12 guests and has won numerous prestigious awards since its inception.

Charter World estimates the weekly rent for Parsifal III to range from $212,859 to $245,606, while lists it at a summer rate of $235,000 plus expenses and a winter rate of $195,000 plus expenses. This superyacht features luxurious features like a jacuzzi, outdoor bars, sun pads, Wi-Fi connectivity throughout, air conditioning throughout, satellite TV with projector screen, video game consoles with on-demand services, and Wi-Fi internet access throughout.

Kim Vibe Peterson, CEO and founder of Scanomat, is the current owner of Parsifal III. His passion for innovation can be seen through his ground-breaking designs, such as a fully automated cappuccino machine and TopBrewer. Peterson began his entrepreneurial journey early and has since established himself as an industry leader.

Viewers of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” can look forward to witnessing the breathtaking beauty of Parsifal III and exciting interactions between crew members. With its luxurious setting and impressive history, this superyacht will add to the drama and intrigue for which the series is known.

who owns Parsifal III

Watch ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Season 4 Episodes Online

Season 4 of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” is set to premiere on Bravo on April 10 at 8/7c, with new episodes available to stream every Tuesday on Peacock. The show promises an exhilarating journey around Sardinia’s picturesque island, with romantic intrigues and tensions adding to the drama.

If you want to relive past adventures or get to know Captain Glenn better, Seasons 1-3 can be streamed on Peacock; new episodes of Season 4 will premiere on April 11th. Furthermore, Bravo app users can access all of Season 3 for viewing anytime!

The series has gained notoriety for portraying the harsh realities of life at sea and the difficulties of running a luxurious sailing yacht. With its captivating mix of interpersonal dynamics and stunning locations, “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” remains one of television’s most beloved reality programs, and Season 4 looks set to continue this legacy.

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