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Dateline: The Carrolton Plot – What Happened to Nancy Howard?


What Happened to Nancy Howard? – Nancy Shore, a mother of three from Carrollton, Texas, was shocked when an armed intruder attacked her in her garage. Though initially thought to be an accidental robbery gone wrong, police later discovered it was premeditated. NBC program “Dateline” season 8 episode 19, “The Carrollton Plot” provides a detailed account of this horrific event and subsequent investigation which led to the capture of the attacker.

This episode highlights Nancy’s tragic accident and law enforcement’s tireless pursuit of solving it. It examines the details of what happened and provides insight into Nancy’s life before and after it. Interviews with family, friends, and law enforcement personnel provide details about the investigation and its effect on the community.

The documentary recounts the events in a comprehensive way, showing the difficulties police face when trying to identify and apprehend an attacker. It strives to educate viewers about the devastating repercussions of targeted attacks and emphasizes how important justice is for victims and their families.

In conclusion, “Dateline: The Carrollton Plot” is an intense documentary that delves into the horrific attack on Nancy Shore and its investigation that led to her capture. The program emphasizes the consequences of targeted attacks and law enforcement officials’ efforts to ensure justice is served.

Official Synopsis:

“This is a story about faith, temptation and secrets. A churchgoing mom was shot at point-blank range in her garage. Saving her would take a miracle and investigators wanted to know if this crime was random or if someone wanted her dead.”

what is Nancy Shore Story

Nancy Shore Story – Where Is She Now?

Nancy Shore lived with her husband, Frank Howard, and three kids in Carrollton, Texas. The family enjoyed participating in community activities and was well-liked in the neighbourhood. The couple had a happy marriage, but on August 18, 2012, Nancy was attacked in her garage by an armed intruder who demanded her purse when she was home alone. She handed over her purse and delivery order, but the attacker shot her in the head before fleeing the scene. Despite her injuries, Nancy survived and could call 911 for help.

Initially, the police suspected a robbery had gone wrong, but they became suspicious when they found Nancy’s purse and car untouched, indicating that the attack was staged. Billie Earl Johnson, a prisoner serving time for unrelated offences, claimed to have information about the people who hired someone to kill Nancy. The police used the information to locate Michael Speck, who accepted the contract and planned the attack. Billie’s intercepted call revealed that Nancy’s ex-husband, Frank Howard, had paid for the hit as he was having an affair and wanted to start a new life.

Frank Howard

Frank Howard, Michael Speck, and Michael Lorence were arrested, and Frank was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 30 years to life in prison. Despite her daughters’ support of Frank, Nancy was relieved when the judge convicted him. Nancy underwent multiple facial surgeries and reconstructions, including acquiring a prosthetic eye. She persevered and continued to live her life, working as a legal assistant in a law firm and singing in the church choir. According to a 2018 report, Nancy still resides in Carrollton, Texas, with her new family and is happy and surrounded by loved ones.

In conclusion, “Dateline: The Carrollton Plot” is a harrowing documentary that chronicles the targeted attack on Nancy Shore and the investigation that resulted in the capture of the perpetrators. Nancy’s case highlights the importance of thorough investigations and the impact of targeted attacks on families and communities. Despite the tragedy, Nancy’s resilience and determination to continue living her life inspire us all.

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