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CBS “48 Hours: Kassanndra’s Secret” – Kassanndra Cantrell Murder


Kassanndra Cantrell Murder – In August 2020, CBS News aired an episode of “48 Hoursepisode Kassanndra’s Secret,” which examined the murder of Kassandra Cantrell while pregnant. Detective Helmcke and his team used evidence from Kassanndra Cantrell’s digital footprint to solve the case despite attempts to delete it. Additional resources are available for those interested in learning more about the case, including information about who committed the murder.

This episode also sheds light on the significance of digital evidence in modern criminal investigations and how it can help solve complex cases. Kassandra Cantrell’s death is a stark reminder of women’s risks in our society and calls for continued efforts to safeguard their safety. It is imperative to bring justice to Kassandra and her family so such atrocious crimes do not occur again.

Kassanndra Cantrell Murder story

Kassanndra Cantrell Murder Story – Who Killed Her?

Kassanndra Marie Cantrell was born to parents Marie Smith and Jeff Cantrell on May 25, 1987, in Agana Heights, Guam. Kassandra was outgoing and enjoyed retro fashion, macabre, and gothic fiction. At home with her parents in Tacoma, Washington, Kassanndra eagerly awaited to be a mother for the first time when she mysteriously vanished on August 25th 2020, after failing to come home from school and not responding to calls or texts from her mom or father. Eventually, her mom reported Kassandra missing to authorities.

On September 22, 2020, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office conducted a ground search near Chambers Creek Road W. in University Place and discovered an abandoned human body wrapped in plastic in a garbage can. This body was identified as Kassanndra due to the unique tattoo design on her arm. An autopsy revealed that Kassanndra had succumbed due to skull fractures and stab wounds.

Kassanndra’s mother, Marie, reported to police that Kassandra had the words “We don’t stop playing because we grow old” tattooed on her body. News of Kassanndra’s disappearance and murder left family and friends in disbelief; described as a loving person with an affinity for unique items, Kassanndra had always been curious about everything. After raising concerns about her disappearance, police conducted an extensive investigation.

Colin Patrick Dudley

Police analyzed 72 hours of surveillance footage, revealing a figure wearing a mask and black fedora leaving Kassanndra’s car and heading towards the light rail station. They entered a grey Chevy pickup parked nearby in a garage before driving away. Police identified this individual as Colin Patrick Dudley, one of Kassanndra’s former boyfriends and biological father to her unborn child. She and Colin began dating when she was 18 and he 22 during their run of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at a local theatre.

Kassanndra and Colin broke up soon after, with Kassanndra moving on to another crew member. However, she contacted Colin again after learning of his father’s passing in 2014. On August 12, Kassanndra informed Colin of her pregnancy, prompting Colin to threaten legal action for full custody if she refused to have an abortion. According to reports, Kassandra promised that if he gave up parental rights, she wouldn’t pursue child support payments either.

Kassanndra’s phone was traced to Owen Beach in Tacoma’s Point Defiance Park and found during an underwater investigation. To conduct the investigation, police analyzed surveillance footage from multiple cameras and interviewed the family and friends of Kassanndra. Her car was eventually located on East 25th Street near Tacoma’s downtown light rail station; detectives also recovered footage showing Colin leaving Kassanndra’s vehicle and heading towards the station.

where is Colin Patrick Dudley Now

Colin Patrick Dudley’s truck was eventually located, and its black box led authorities to Kassandra’s body near Chambers Creek. In November 2022, Colin pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and received a sentence of 26 years and eight months in jail.

Kassanndra Cantrell’s case serves as a tragic reminder of women’s risks in our society and underscores why it is essential for continued efforts to ensure their safety. The investigation also underscores how crucial digital evidence can be in solving complex criminal investigations. Throughout this ordeal, authorities worked tirelessly to bring justice to Kassandra and her family, ultimately preventing such horrific crimes from occurring again.

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