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Jade Winston Murder Update: Crime Junkie Podcast


Jade Winston Murder – Welcome to the heart-wrenching account of the unresolved mystery surrounding the death of Jade Winston. This article will delve into the perplexing circumstances of a young life cut short, a murder that has left an indelible mark on the quiet town of Carrier Mills, Illinois.

The narrative commences with an installment of the Crime Junkie Podcast entitled ‘MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Jade Winston.’ This true-crime series delves into a case that has puzzled detectives and captured the hearts of viewers. Jade Winston, who was only eighteen years old, perished tragically inside her Mill Street home that awful summer night. The silence was broken by a gunshot, and a neighbor’s report to the Saline County police began a series of events that would reveal a grisly murder scene.

The purpose of this article is to preserve Jade Winston’s memory and raise awareness of the unresolved issues surrounding her murder in the hopes that justice will eventually be served. Come along with us as we explore the many facets of a mystery that defies explanation and work to put an end to the unsettling thought that haunts many people’s thoughts: Who killed Jade Winston?

Who was Jade Winston

Who was Jade Winston?

To understand the significance of this case, we must first get to know the vibrant young woman at its center. Born in Carrier Mills, Illinois, on May 3, 1989, Jade Marcella Winston was a bright light full of potential. Jade was in her senior year at Carrier Mills High School, where she excelled in both academics and extracurricular activities. Her high school administrator, Richard Morgan, called her “an exceptional young person.”

Jade was a gifted youngster who had several talents. She was not your typical teenager. Her excitement and energy were contagious, and she was usually smiling. She participated enthusiastically in a wide range of school activities, including cheerleading, softball, volleyball, and dance. In the words of her cheerleading coach, she was a “spirited and beloved individual.” She lived in a close-knit community of companionship with her sister and a close friend on Mill Street in Carrier Mills at the time of her sad murder.

Murder Story of Jade Winston

Murder Story of Jade Winston

The town and Jade’s family would never be the same after that dreadful August 17, 2007, evening. The horrifying incident was revealed after a neighbor called the Saline County police to report hearing a gunshot from Jade’s apartment. Officers responded to the call and arrived on the site at 10:54 p.m.

A startling image greeted them as they peered through the window: a young woman’s legs sprawled out on the ground. The full horror opened out as they stepped into the flat. Jade’s body lay on the ground, motionless and surrounded by a puddle of blood. A 9mm semi-automatic handgun was found beneath her left knee, ammunition held in her left palm, adding to the gruesome scene.

Even though it was clear that Jade had died from a gunshot wound, her exact cause of death was unknown for several months. Although the immediate impression pointed to a staged suicide, detectives were not persuaded.

Investigation and Arrest in Jade Winston Murder

Investigation and Arrest in Jade Winston Murder

There were ripple effects from Jade’s murder across the close-knit community of Carrier Mills. Law enforcement organizations moved quickly to investigate and find the reason behind this horrible conduct. But just as they started this difficult path, the Winston family experienced yet another catastrophe, which made their loss much more severe.

On August 19, 2007, in Harrisburg, her brother Jerome Mitchell tragically lost his life in a car accident, just 36 hours after Jade was murdered. The accident’s circumstances were unclear, as the surviving passenger could not recollect the specifics or reasons behind it. The passenger’s allegation that she had never met Jerome before and that she had only recently met him before the accident is especially perplexing.

The family became suspicious that there might be a connection between the two catastrophes after this tragic turn of events. April Scales, Jerome’s aunt, stated she thought Jerome was on his way to confront someone she thought was responsible for Jade’s demise. “Jerome, my nephew, planned to go after those or whatever was responsible for Jade’s demise. She told the Southern Illinoisan, “I thought he had been run off the road.”

Mary Miller, Jade’s mother, had a similar belief, highlighting that she thought her children’s deaths were connected and that she finally trusted a higher power to decide the outcome, saying, “It’s in God’s hands now.”

Who Killed Jade Winston

Who Killed Jade Winston? Is the Case Still Unsolved?

The murder of Jade Winston proved to be a difficult case to investigate, even with growing suspicions and the tragic death of two family members. Early on, detectives looked into many possible persons of interest with support from many authorities. They worked nonstop, but they could not formally designate anyone as a suspect.

Investigators investigated a compelling lead that included hearsay evidence indicating that Jade’s friend had threatened her over the phone just two weeks before to her untimely death. These threats were purportedly related to romantic partner jealousy. Regretfully, this lead fizzled out because the detectives could not find any supporting documentation for these purported phone conversations, and the friend’s name remained a secret.

The exact cause of Jade’s death would not be known for months as forensic tests and investigations would take their time to produce conclusions. A coroner’s inquest was not held at the Saline County Courthouse until January 31, 2008. A six-person jury judged whether Jade’s death resulted from suicide, homicide, accident, natural causes, or an unknown fate. Evidence was presented to the jury throughout this key procedure.

The physician who performed the autopsy, Officer Fort, and a crime scene specialist all offered testimony that led to the horrifying conclusion that Jade had been the victim of a homicide. After seeing the situation, the attending officer made it clear that he had ruled out suicide, saying, “It was just an odd position to be in if you were to shoot yourself.”

The fact that the gun used in Jade’s murder had been reported stolen from Raleigh, Illinois, a few months before her untimely death only served to heighten the mystery and raise more concerns about the circumstances surrounding her murder.

Six people took polygraph tests, and officials interviewed nearly 70 people as the inquiry went forward. Still, despite all this work, little progress was made in identifying a culprit. The authorities have not yet acknowledged or refuted any possible link between Jade’s and Jerome’s deaths. The inquiry is still ongoing, and the matter is still open.

In conclusion, the murder of Jade Winston remains a mystery that haunts the memories of her loved ones and the community of Carrier Mills, Illinois. Despite years of investigation, the person responsible for her death has not been brought to justice. The tragic loss of both Jade and her brother Jerome Mitchell adds an even more somber layer to this unresolved case. As we reflect on this heartbreaking story, we are reminded of the importance of seeking justice for victims and providing closure for their grieving families.

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