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Where is Lloyd Ford’s Wife Judy Gough Now?

Who Killed Lloyd Ford and why

Where is Judy Gough Now? – NBC’s Dateline 18×26 episode, “The Family Secret,” tells the tale of Judy Gough’s involvement in Lloyd Ford’s murder at their Boise, Idaho residence in 1980 – assisted by her children. The show explores the events leading up to Lloyd’s disappearance and why Judy’s arrest took almost 30 years, as well as her methods of murdering Lloyd and its effects on her family and herself. The program presents an in-depth case account featuring insights from law enforcement officials and family members. It emphasizes the value of perseverance in uncovering the truth and holding those responsible accountable. Through interviews and storytelling, viewers will gain an in-depth knowledge of the investigation into Lloyd’s murder and its effect on his loved ones. Though tragic in nature, this episode stresses the significance of perseverance and determination when seeking justice against perpetrators.

Judy Gough
Judy Gough

Where is Judy Gough Now?

The “Dateline” episode “The Family Secret” episode chronicles the story of Lloyd Ford and Judy Gough, who met and fell in love in Boise, Idaho, during the early 1970s. Initially married separately but ultimately united after Lloyd divorced his first wife, they eventually got married and lived together with their five children before Sandy, Lloyd’s eldest daughter became concerned when contacting him was no longer possible by 1980 despite hiring private investigators and searching for information herself; unfortunately, she found no clues to his whereabouts either.

Who is Judy Gough

Judy’s daughter, Kimberly Wright, revealed to her boss the family secret that Judy had murdered Lloyd. The show explores how Judy used their vulnerability as leverage against them for participation. Following Lloyd’s murder, Judy filed for divorce and received all his property, including their house; 15 years later, she remarried and sold Clark Street to one of her youngest children.

The episode also follows the family as they grieve and search for justice following the discovery of Lloyd’s remains and Judy’s trial. Kimberly confessed her role in his murder and how Judy had forced her to participate. Kimberly shot Lloyd while unconscious, and together with her mother, they buried him beneath a pile of boxes in their backyard.

In 2007, Kimberly confessed to her boss, and Judy was charged with first-degree murder before ultimately pleading guilty and agreeing to second-degree murder as part of a plea agreement. Her legal team argued she suffered domestic abuse and mental illness; nevertheless, Judy was ultimately sentenced to 10 years of incarceration in March 2009.

“Dateline: The Family Secret” offers an intimate look into Lloyd Ford’s murder and the manipulation and abuse that led up to it, highlighting how important it is for the truth to come out regardless of heartbreak and tragedy.

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