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NBC’s ‘Dateline’ 18×26 The Family Secret – Lloyd Ford Murder


Lloyd Ford Murder – Dateline, an award-winning news magazine show on NBC, has been airing for many years and primarily covers true crime cases, human interest pieces, and newsworthy topics. One such episode called “The Family Secret” aired on April 2, 2010. This episode follows Lloyd Ford, who went missing for almost 30 years before his body was found buried underneath his porch in Boise, Idaho.

This show includes interviews with law enforcement officials and members of Ford’s family, such as those who revealed the truth that led to their discovery. It provides an extensive account of events surrounding his death as well as providing insight into who may have committed it. Watching this episode could give you valuable information.

Lloyd Ford Murder

Lloyd Ford Murder Story

Lloyd Ford was born in Ainsworth, Nebraska, in the 1940s and went on to live an exciting life as part of the U.S. Navy before eventually settling in Boise with his family in Idaho. Known for his love of fishing and his warm nature, he kept close relationships with both of his wives even after divorcing her first spouse Judy Gough in 1980 and later remarrying Judy Gough; both wives remained close to his children despite him divorcing one and then the other and divorce. When Sandy could no longer contact Lloyd in 1980, she hired a private investigator, only to discover him later, over 30 years later, in September 2007, that his body lay beneath his porch in Boise; this Dateline episode explores this mystery along with its implications on his family members involved.

Though time, lack of physical evidence, and death or relocation posed challenges to law enforcement officials and family members’ efforts in finding and prosecuting Lloyd’s perpetrator, this episode provides insight into Lloyd’s family as they suffered after losing a loved one; their grief at his passing was palpable as relatives spoke fondly about his passion for fishing, amusing personality, and longtime bond between children and father.

Dateline: The Family Secret” offers an in-depth account of Lloyd Ford’s life, disappearance, and murder. This episode highlights the significance of determination and persistence when seeking justice against wrongdoers; additionally, it illustrates how grief from a loved one loss affects families as well as honoring those who have passed.

Who Killed Lloyd Ford and why

Who Killed Lloyd Ford? : Case Solved or Not?

In “Dateline: The Family Secret,” Kimberly Wright, Lloyd Ford’s stepdaughter, revealed to her boss that Judy Gough was responsible for his murder; Kimberly told him how Judy gave Lloyd sleeping pills before shooting him while intoxicated before asking Kimberly and her brother to help bury his body.

Judy was arrested and charged with first-degree murder; however, as part of a plea bargain deal, she admitted her crime as second-degree murder and received her jail sentence in 2009. This news was an enormous shock to Lloyd’s children, who had held onto hope that their father might still be alive. This show explores its impact on them as they seek justice for Lloyd.

Judy Gough
Judy Gough

At its conclusion, “Dateline: The Family Secret” revealed the truth surrounding Lloyd Ford’s disappearance and revealed a dark family secret that had been kept hidden for nearly 30 years. This episode emphasizes persistence and determination when seeking justice and uncovering the truth; its heartbreaking yet tragic events gave viewers valuable insights into the effect such revelations have on family dynamics and closure and justice in such cases.

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