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NBC Dateline “Behind Door 813” – Jonathan Crews’ Death


Jonathan Crews’ Death – Jonathan Crews, 27 years old, was found dead in his apartment in Coppell, Texas, on February 2, 2014. Brenda Lazaro, his girlfriend of three months at the time, claimed that Crews shot himself to prove his love for her; however, Crews’ family found this account unconvincing and launched their own investigation into the incident.

The investigation was initiated due to authorities’ inability to determine if Crews had taken his own life or been murdered. His family believed that his ex-girlfriend was responsible for his passing, as she had become distressed over him breaking up with her for Emily.

On an upcoming episode of NBC crime show Dateline, episode “Behind Door 813,” the events leading up to Jonathan Crews’ death and his family’s quest for answers will be featured. The episode, set to air on April 7th, 2023, will explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding his passing and how his loved ones searched for answers.

The investigation into Jonathan Crews’ death is a poignant reminder of the devastating effect such incidents can have on those left behind. By drawing attention to cases like Crews’, greater understanding is being spread about mental health and the need for individuals to seek assistance when suffering from such disorders. Furthermore, their search for answers demonstrates the value of never giving up in pursuit of justice, even during trying times.

Jonathan Crews death

What Happened to Jonathan Crews? Full story Behind His Death

Jonathan Crews was an accomplished Operations Director for a healthcare company that had just moved into his new apartment. His family and friends described him as an avid gun enthusiast and conscientious shooter who learned about gun safety early on. On February 2, 2014, however, Brenda Lazaro – his girlfriend of three months – called 911 to report that Jonathan had tragically committed suicide by shooting himself in the heart.

Paramedics arrived at the scene to discover Crews dead in his bed, with the weapon used in his death – a SIG Sauer 9 mm – lying beside it. Unfortunately, autopsy results were inconclusive, and authorities couldn’t determine whether Crews had taken his own life or been murdered.

Lazaro claimed that Crews had killed himself to prove his love for her, but officials found her story unconvincing. In the absence of conclusive evidence surrounding Crews’ death, his family and friends began investigating the incident in search of answers.

Jonathan Crews’ death serves as a stark reminder of the devastating effect such events can have on those left behind and also emphasizes the significance of gun safety and responsible gun ownership. Given that his weapon was his own property, many wonder if more attention had been paid to gun safety protocols in advance.

Despite the inconclusive autopsy results, Crews’ family and friends remain determined to uncover the truth about his death. Their efforts demonstrate the significance of seeking justice and finding answers when facing challenging circumstances. Furthermore, this case raises awareness about mental health and encourages individuals to reach out when facing such difficulties.

Jonathan Crews case solved

Jonathan Crews’ Death or Murder – What Does His Family Think?

On February 2, 2014, Jonathan Crews tragically passed away; police have yet to determine whether it was by suicide or murder. His girlfriend at the time, Brenda Lazaro, called 911 to report that he had shot himself in the chest, but her story wasn’t believed, and Crews’ family launched their own investigation into what really occurred.

The investigation uncovered that Crews and Lazaro had argued earlier that day over Emily. Later that night, Lazaro claimed Crews told her he loved her, then showed his devotion by shooting himself in the chest. Emily later claimed Lazaro yelled at her for hugging Crews, suggesting they had fallen out over their friendship with Crews. Emily also received a strange text message from Crews on his deathbed reading, “I want to die.”

Crews’ family expressed doubts about his capacity to shoot himself in the left shoulder with a heavy firearm, given that he was right-handed and proficient with firearms. They speculated that Lazaro, whom they suspected to be jealous, may have been at fault for his death.

Although Lazaro has yet to be criminally charged with Crews’ death, his family succeeded in civil litigation against her in 2016, alleging that she was at fault for Crews’ passing. They were awarded a total of $206 million as compensation.

Police have yet to definitively identify Crews’ cause of death, though police cannot yet distinguish between suicide and murder. His family’s efforts to uncover what happened to Crews serve as a poignant reminder of the devastating effect such incidents can have on those left behind. With increased awareness about mental health issues like Crews’, there is hope that more individuals will seek assistance when facing similar difficulties.

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