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ABC ’20/20′ “The Case Of The Killer Clown” – Marlene Warren Murder


Marlene Warren’s Murder – ABC’s long-running news magazine ‘20/20‘ has uncovered dark truths about human behavior through investigations of various true-crime cases since 1978. ABC will air an episode called ‘The Case Of The Killer Clown” during their 45th season that explores Marlene Mae McKinnon Warren’s murder in 1990 and subsequent investigations and their aftermath. For anyone wanting more details on this particular case, ’20/20′ can offer more insight.

Marlene Warren Murder Story: Who Killed Her?

Marlene Mae McKinnon Warren was born into a middle-class family in Michigan on April 15, 1950, but had relocated to Florida by 1990. By that time, she was a 40-year-old married mother living in the Wellington Aero Club community. Marlene managed her family’s rental properties. However, those closest to Marlene most admired her for her cheerful, kind, and gentle nature. On May 26, 1990, Marlene was shot at close range when someone disguised as a clown opened her front door. The suspect offered her flowers and two balloons that said, “You’re the greatest,” before shooting her in the face. First responders transported her quickly to Palms West Hospital, but unfortunately, two days later, Marlene succumbed due to a bullet lodged in her spinal cord.

Marlene Warren Murder

The incident raises several questions, such as why someone would disguise themselves as a clown to murder Marlene and her life in Florida. Further investigation should take place to understand why Marlene moved there, along with any motivations behind her murder and why Marlene moved there initially. Despite being such an atrocious crime, however, Marlene’s death also shows what an impactful life she lived despite passing on from this earthly realm.

Marlene Mae McKinnon Warren’s murder took a new twist after several individuals provided information about her personal life that indicated it might have been motivated by passion. Recent allegations allege that Michael Warren may have been involved in her death due to her plans to leave him due to an alleged affair. Her properties were under her name, which caused her hesitatingly go. During the investigation, an inmate made claims against Michael for hiring someone to kill Marlene. Marlene told her mother she believed Michael would be responsible if anything wrong happened to her; Edward Bahr had informed another inmate of Michael hiring him as well; none of these claims could be proven.

Who Killed Marlene Warren
Sheila Keen-Warren

Authorities decided to revisit the case in 2014, and their further investigation revealed that not Michael but rather Sheila Keen-Warren, his supposed mistress-turned-wife in 2002, was behind it all. DNA samples taken from brown human hairs and orange fibers found inside an abandoned Chrysler LeBaron from 1990 were linked with her through new advances in DNA technology. Furthermore, evidence found in Sheila’s residence revealed similarities to the crime – for instance, a store owner confirmed she purchased a clown costume days before the incident along with two balloons which later used at the crime scene.

Sheila was arrested in Virginia in September 2017 and charged with second-degree murder, which she entered a guilty plea for on April 25, 2023. Though Marlene’s death was an act of evil, this case highlights the importance of ongoing investigations and technological innovations in solving even cold cases.

Where is Sheila Keen-Warren Today

Where is Sheila Keen-Warren Today?

Sheila Keen-Warren was arrested for the first-degree murder of Marlene Mae McKinnon Warren after more than 27 years, extradited to Florida, and plead not guilty for over five years until early 2023, when she entered into a plea agreement and was found guilty of second-degree murder; she received 12 years imprisonment with credit given for time served; her sentencing began April 25, 2023.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg stated that Sheila’s plea meant she would remain convicted of murder until her death. Yet, her defense attorney claimed it as a significant victory because she would be released within 10 months. The prosecution countered with statements saying Sheila would likely serve at least two additional years. However, this sentence is still considered relatively light, given how long she has already spent behind bars.

Even with her light sentence, Sheila remains in custody at a state facility. While justice was served, this case illustrates the power of technology to shed new light on cold cases and further investigations. With Sheila finally admitting her crime after decades of avoidance and coverup, Marlene’s family and friends can finally have closure after 30+ years.

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